NBA Le trio défensif étonnant de Boston

The amazing elite league trio the Celtics will field this season!



In the midst of an internal scandal, however, Boston still has a 2022-23 season to prepare. The good news is that the Greens and Whites will be able to field a fairly exceptional triplet on the court this year. Faced with these players, good luck not to freak out!

NBA finalists last June, the Celtics hope to be able to go all the way this time. The off-season has also allowed them to strengthen, in particular through the arrival of Malcolm Brodgon while the hard core has remained the same. Except that with the outbreak of the Ime Udoka affair, the players of Massachusetts find themselves with a very annoying distraction, and which should follow them for a long time yet. Especially since the new coach is not immune to controversy either.

However, the leaders of Bean Town are not deterred by this dark history, and have even struck a new blow on the free agent market while training camp is in its infancy. This is Blake Griffin who has thus signed with the Greens and Whites not long ago, after not having returned to the Nets. Still running after his first champion ring, the interior hopes to find his happiness alongside Jayson Tatum & co.

At 33 and after several major injuries, Quake is no longer much of the ultra-dominant and spectacular player in attack that he was able to be at the Clippers in his debut. But we are talking about an intelligent player who has been able to retrain over time, especially in passing, shooting and especially in defense. It’s simple, no one caused more passages in force than him, last season. As a result, the C’s offered themselves a fairly formidable trio in the field:

Boston specialist in passages in force

1. Blake Griffin – 26
3. Derrick White- 25
11. Marcus Smart – 16

The Celtics now have 3 of the 11 most prolific passing players in 2021-22, according to Dan Greenberg.

Nothing better than a possession wasted by an offensive fault to break the rhythm of the opponent, and the GM as well as ex-coach Brad Stevens knows it perfectly. With the reigning DPOY Smart as well as his two other friends, Joe Mazzulla’s squad has several players capable of making defensive stops in crucial moments. The kind of invaluable qualities in hot moments, especially in the playoffs and the Finals, during which Boston showed a little inexperience.

The Celtics already had the second best defense in the league last year, and the arrival of Blake Griffin fits perfectly into this desire to give nothing to the opponent. If the ex-superstar can no longer bring so much in attack, he has converted rather well in his half of the field.

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