The Air France Foundation, 30 years of action in the service of children

The Air France Foundation, 30 years of action in the service of children



In 30 years, more than 1500 projects supported and financed in 80 countries. An ambition reaffirmed today in the service of underprivileged children

The Air France Corporate Foundation is celebrating 30 years of supporting children in difficulty. It is active in mainland France, in the overseas departments and in all the countries served by the company.

The Air France Foundation works to education, inclusion, social and professional integration, as well as the cultural, sporting and artistic development of young and disadvantaged, sick or disabled people. To do this, it financially supports many projects such as, for example, the construction of educational and social structures in Brazil and Dakar, the development of educational support programs and the distribution of computer equipment in France, the purchase of books, educational and creative games as well as sports equipment in Madagascar, the purchase of medical equipment in the Dominican Republic.

The Foundation also supports actions to raise awareness among younger generations about the environment and its preservation. It relies on a vast fabric of associations and humanitarian organizations as well as on NGOs with which it shares the conviction that access to education, training, leisure and culture is the best background for self-fulfilment.

It also knows how to mobilize in the event of an emergency by participating in initiatives aimed at quickly assisting the most fragile civilian populations affected by natural disasters, health crises or conflicts around the world, as recently, through clothing drives and basic necessities for Ukraine or Lebanon.

To carry out its missions, the Air France Foundation can count on the employees of Air France, with a vast network of more than 4,800 volunteer “friends of the Foundation” who are mobilized to help it and participate in the actions that it leads and it supports.

In 30 years, more than 1,500 projects have been supported and financed in 80 countries. In 2022, the Foundation is funding 49 projects around the world. Among these, it supports associations that fight against school dropouts and the digital divide in France, participate in environmental education in Senegal or help disabled children to emerge from exclusion in the Dominican Republic.

“Today the Foundation is celebrating 30 years of action and commitment to serving children, in times of emergency, to build or rebuild, to support, help with education and well-being. To celebrate this anniversary, I want to associate Air France employees, friends of the Foundation or ambassadors, our donors, our administrators, the associations and their teams, with great pride in the progress made. Together, we will keep our hearts and all our energy for the success of tomorrow’s projects. says Estelle Brice-Santos, General Delegate of the Air France Corporate Foundation.

About the Air France Foundation

The Air France Foundation, chaired by Anne Rigail, CEO of Air France, was created on October 4, 1992. A pioneer in the field of corporate foundations, it chose to support the cause of children in difficulty, dear at the heart of the company’s employees. For 30 years, the Air France Foundation has been studying, selecting and financing projects for sick, disabled or very vulnerable children in the countries the airline flies to.

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