Fournier aux Lakers ? Le trade à 6 joueurs qui circule à la télé US !

The 5-player blockbuster discussed between Lakers, Knicks and Jazz!



The market is still far from closing for various teams, who are still looking to strengthen with a big trade. The Lakers are obviously one of them, as are the Knicks, who are eyeing Donovan Mitchell. Precisely, the two franchises could join in order to strip the Jazz, in a big trade involving up to 5 players.

While we are still waiting for a possible trade from Kevin Durant before the recovery, another star is affected by a change: Donovan Mitchell. We know that the Jazz opened the door to his departure, even if Danny Ainge asks for a huge counterpart to accept an exchange. The good news is that the Knicks have the arguments to validate such a trade, but the leaders do not want to let go of so many assets. This is where the Lakers come in.

Russell Westbrook and Donovan Mitchell in the same trade?

The California franchise is still looking to get rid of Russell Westbrook, hoping to get Kyrie Irving back. This is the initial plan, but it could come to a halt. As a result, Rob Pelinka is exploring other possibilities, such as a package including several players, in order to boost the bench in particular. The Angelinos could find their happiness at the Jazz, in partnership with the Knicks in a trade with three franchises. This is not a suggestion, but information from journalist Michael Scotto of HoopsHype.

The Lakers, Knicks and Jazz have had conversations for a possible tri-franchise trade:

The Jazz recovers: Russell Westbrook, cut. Draft picks from NY and LA

Knicks recover: Donovan Mitchell

The Lakers recover: Patrick Beverley, Jordan Clarkson or Bojan Bogdanovic or Malik Beasley (only two players, editor’s note)

Note: Derrick Rose should also be included, although his destination remains unknown.

So who says no in the story? It is already necessary to be interested in the case of Jazz, which would only take rounds of draft, and not players. Not embarrassing for a team in reconstruction, but it will take a lot. Maybe 2 or 3 from the Knicks, and probably 2 from the Lakers, who will have to make the effort. Westbrook would be cut, that’s also important information, to strengthen a team ready to give him a chance.

For New York, it would only take a few draft rounds to sign Mitchell, which is unlikely as it stands for the Jazz. All young players would be present in the workforce in this configuration, but this could allow them to compete for the playoffs, or even more, in the East. Finally, for the Angelinos, it’s not a star in return, but many role players. Defense and scoring: it’s not a bad mix, far from it. It remains to be seen whether this is enough for the title.

The Knicks, the Jazz and finally the Lakers are discussing a trade. The outlines are drawn according to HoopsHype, but there is undoubtedly a lot of work. Nothing should be ruled out in the coming weeks, unless the Kevin Durant file evolves, which could have a direct impact.

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