The 10 worst trends of the decade, which we bitterly regret

The 10 worst trends of the decade, which we bitterly regret



Even if we thought we were very cool and fashionable at the time, there are several trends which we could have avoided. When I look at my photos from primary or secondary school with my bangs as wide as the world, or even my belt buckles bigger than my hand, I tell myself that finally, yes mom, it was a phase.

So let’s do together a brief overview of the world of fashion in the last decade, in order to all laugh together at our fashion faux pas collectives. Ready for a big, well-styled oldie? Let’s go.

2010: High-heeled sneakers

It’s as if a chola made the decision that all of a sudden it was acceptable for sneakers and high heels to make a baby, and everyone just agreed. BUT WHAT WE WERE THINKING!?

Credit: Photo credit: Farfetch

2011: Aztec Patterns

We thought we were exotic and colorful, with our cropped tops, our leggings, our t-shirts, EVERYTHING with Aztec prints or patterns. But, like, why???

2012: Ombre Hair

I’m not sure what hair genius decided it was okay to make hair trends push back 6 inches, with a Neapolitan ice cream type head. A nice little cheap look, which cost us a small fortune at the hairdresser.

Credit: Photo source: We Heart It

2013: The Really Too Ripped Jeans

The more your jeans had holes and you could see the white threads, the hotter it was. Derived from the original idea of Margielaour pants looked already finished before we even wore them for the first time!

2014: Designer Parody Items

When the famous bags luggages of Celine have been all the rage among fashionistas, the brand has had a boom in the fashion world, resulting in a ton of copies, either satirical or simple knockoffsmany of their items, including the famous “Feline” t-shirts.

Credit: Photo credit: Revolve

2015: Pastel Hair

When the unicorn craze was born among millennials, the logical next step was obviously pastel hair. Whether silver, pale pink or lilac, We Heart It and tumblr were exploding with mermaid hair inspiration photos.

Credit: Photo credit: Camille-Ly Drainville (Instagram: @camillelydrainville)

2016: The Chokers

The small plastic chokers à la grunge 1995, the colorful velvet ones, or even the BDSM-inspired ones, they were ALL THE RAGE this year. I’m still glad the trip is over, let’s say.

2017: Body-hugging clothing

That year, the Kardashians were really one of the cardinal points of the fashion world (who knows why), and we suddenly all started wearing skirts, dresses, too tight leggings or even leotard-style one-pieces, in all shades of beige and unimaginable nudes.

Credit: Photo credit: Hypebeast

2018: Transparent pvc

From bags to shoes, all of the fashion accessories that year were made of transparent plastic. Can someone tell me why we thought it was nice to openly show the contents of our backpack to the whole world?

2019: Neon green

Lime green, or neon green, was THE unmissable trend of the past year. We’ve seen so much, on everything, everything, everything: accessories, clothes, and more. I think I speak for everyone when I say we have one disgusting collective.

Credit:Photo credit: PrettyLittleThing

I imagine our parents say the same thing about their 80s outfits, with their huge hairstyles and the blush applied as if there were no tomorrow, or their 70s macrames. important is to laugh at it, and to remember its glorious fashion disasters so as never to repeat them again!

Predictions for the trend of the year 2020?

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