La star NBA des Brooklyn Nets, Ben Simmons, pourrait déjà avoir des ennemis au sein du vestiaire de sa nouvelle équipe

‘That’s freaky’: the chilling prediction about Ben Simmons!



Arrived last February in Brooklyn, Ben Simmons has still not had the opportunity to take his first steps on the floor. These could be in a new role for the Australian, which pushes an insider to consider heavy for the Nets!

Unlike last year, he thought he might be living a quiet offseason, at least on a personal level. Indeed, if his place in the Nets does not seem threatened this summer, Ben Simmons immediately understood that there might be movement around him. Between the Kevin Durant case, and that of Kyrie Irving, there are many files to watch out for in Brooklyn. Without wanting it, he too found himself in spite of everything in a big controversy.

According to Ric Bucher, Big Ben would have been the author of an unprofessional move when he was asked to play Game 4 against the Celtics. A rumor quickly denied by other insiders, then by the Australian leader in person. From now on, the latter can therefore concentrate on the coming season, during which he could occupy an unexpected and unprecedented role for him.

Ben Simmons converted pivot to the Nets?!

After three months without having been able to make his debut in Brooklyn, Simmons should logically make them at the start of the 2022-21 campaign. He would then not only wear the jersey of his new team for the first time, but would eventually discover a new position. In any case, this is the hypothesis mentioned by Brian Windhorst in the last episode of his Hoop Collective Podcast :

I’ve seen speculation that Ben Simmons could play center for this team next season. And come to think of it, that would give Simmons at position 5, possibly accompanied by Durant, Kyrie, Seth Curry and Joe Harris. This might be one of the most fearsome lineups we’ve ever seen in shooting.

History to deal with his concerns of address from afar, Ben 10 would thus be called upon to evolve mainly in the racket, and to sanction the defenses near the circle. This role of “point-center” would suit him perfectly offensively, and could prove effective on the other side of the field, where he has already shown himself capable of defending against big men. So many projections that make this option terrifying for Windhorst:

You would have Simmons who could defend the opposing pivot, and potentially place himself as the creator in pick-and-roll situations with any of these guys, who would offer spacing. I mean, that would be a freaking thing.

The competition will not be able to say that it was not warned!

Playmaker since the start of his NBA career, Ben Simmons could be tested as a pivot with the Nets next season. A replacement that would allow the establishment of an impressive five, filled with exceptional shooters at his side!

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