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Terrible news for James Harden and the Sixers!



Desperate to help the Sixers win the title, James Harden refused his player option, all to extend in Pennsylvania for a lower contract. A strong gesture from the Barbu, who is betting everything on winning today. Problem ? The NBA has just launched an investigation for irregularity, and possible tampering. Sanctions are to be expected.

With the arrivals of PJ Tucker or even Danuel House, the Sixers have strengthened themselves on the side of the Eastern Conference. Not sure that this team dominates the competition, but it will be necessary to count on the men of Doc Rivers to do damage. James Harden is more involved than ever, he who has undergone a beautiful physical transformation. Another strong move? His pay cut, which allowed his team to save money.

Sanctions in shambles for the Sixers?

The problem is that this story is still far from over. This move allowed the Sixers to sign Tucker in early July, while the Bearded extended this week with his team. A real anomaly, and possible tampering on the part of Philly, which could be sanctioned. As a reminder, we are talking here about negotiations even before the start of free agency, which is strictly prohibited by the NBA.

The NBA has opened an investigation into the Sixers for “possible tampering” on the free agency of James Harden, PJ Tucker and Danuel House.

Clearly, we accuse Daryl Morey, and possibly other leaders, of having negotiated contracts with the players before the market opened. This made it possible to find agreements, in particular with the Barbu, to save money and sign other people quickly. According to Adrian Wojnarowski, many teams are skeptical of the moves of the Sixers, which could lead to sanctions.

We are talking here about a possible fine, quite high, or rounds of drafts withdrawn in the worst case scenario. Everything will depend on what the NBA finds, knowing that the investigation can last a very long time:

It’s important to note that even if the league finds nothing wrong with what Philadelphia did, they can still reopen the investigation next summer. This tampering investigation has no expiration date.

If the Sixers have something wrong with the James Harden and PJ Tucker soap opera, it’s a safe bet the NBA will find out. Widely possible penalties for the franchise, which could pay dearly. But to find out, you will have to be patient.

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