LeBron James en colère après un coup de sifflet de l'arbitre

Summit meeting at the Lakers, and big change ahead for LeBron!



The Lakers recently called a reunion for the next season, with the will to succeed. LeBron James was able to chat alongside Darvin Ham, the new coach, or even Rob Pelinka. The urge is to succeed, even though Ham has planned a big change that involves the King. For now, the latter approved.

After a total fiasco last year, without a place in the playoffs, the Lakers have no room for error. No question of repeating such a scenario, under penalty of seeing Jeanie Buss claim the head of a few players, or even in the front office. It will take a place in the postseason, but above all a real chance to compete for the title with the competition in the West. It’s far from done, but everything is possible with a LeBron James healthy, just like Anthony Davis.

Russell Westbrook, not yet certain to stay, remains a real unknown. It’s unclear if the point guard will be traded, but if not, the Angelinos will expect a lot from him. However, the star of the roster is Davis, who was so missed last year. In poor shape on his return after multiple injuries, the former Pelican cost his team dearly. He hopes it will be different next year, just like Darvin Ham.

Major modification in attack for the Lakers!

Who says new coach says new philosophy. The Purple and Gold want to give themselves the chance to succeed, and that will not necessarily rest on LeBron. The latter will be 38 at the end of the year, so the staff wants to spare him as much as possible, even if it means using it more often. Davis. That’s why the inside is considered the real star of the squad, since he’ll be in charge of the majority of possessions, according to Chris Haynes.

Besides, the new boss has planned to implement a new system which he wants to keep for the long term, in which Anthony Davis is the one leading the attack. LeBron James, present, approved this idea. The team have been encouraged by Davis’ progress this offseason, and remain confident that he will make the necessary efforts to avoid a major injury and be able to handle a heavier workload.

At his best, Davis is one of the best players in this league. It’s no wonder the Lakers are giving him more responsibility, since that was the goal from the get-go. Unibrow arrived in the City of Angels in order to relieve LeBron, but above all to take over. The King validates this transition, even if we are waiting to see his behavior on the floor.

Moreover, and this is still the most important: will Davis maintain his health? At the Pelicans, the player has dragged himself a reputation as a fragile player, which has not really changed since his arrival at the Angelinos. He is multiplying with injuries, which means he will be under a lot of pressure next year. He will have to be able to assume his new role, but above all avoid the infirmary.

Anthony Davis is already taking over at the Lakers, since he will be responsible for doing most of the work, not LeBron James. An important change, although risky with the possible Lakers. This simple data could give this roster a nightmare in 2023.

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