Stromae a repris la trend TikTok sur «Alors on danse» à Coachella 2022 !

Stromae took over the TikTok trend on “So we dance” at Coachella 2022!



Stromae appeared on the front of the stage this weekend during the Coachella 2022 festival. And his performance was worth the detour!

When coming to Coachella 2022, Stromae invited festival-goers to reproduce the TikTok trend on Then we dance. MCE TV shows you the result, below.

Stromae performs at Coachella 2022

As you probably know, Stromae took a break from his musical career. He stayed in the shadows for almost 5 years. He was suffering from depression.

The singer finally decided to come back in force on March 4, 2022with a brand new album titled Multitude. His opus has also been a hit all over the world. He very quickly received gold single.

It must be said that, through this project, Stromae has managed to treat many topics that speak to everyone. The singer notably paid tribute to a very old profession in the title sons of joy.

In the process, Stromae took the opportunity to go back on stage. This week-end, he traveled to Coachella 2022. Other big stars performed there such as The Weeknd, Doja Cat and Megan Thee Stallion. Kanye West, meanwhile, canceled.

Internet users, in any case, seem delighted with what they saw. “Stromae electrified #Coachella for the first of 2 dates. », can we read. Or : “You were amazing Stromae”. “Stromae’s performance at Coachella is incredible. »can we also read.

If you didn’t have the chance to attend Coachella 2022, you can still get a glimpse behind the scenes. Click on the following link. Otherwise, continue reading.

The singer reproduces a TikTok trend

Stromae’s talent goes much further. And we have the proof. During his performance at Coachella 2022, the singer invited festival-goers to reproduce a TikTok trend on the piece Then we dance. And they got into the game.

The trend was to wiggle from head to toe, with a hand movement, on the instrumental in slow motion. If you have trouble visualizing the result, feel free to swipe down this article. The MCE TV editorial team shares the video sequence with you.

This proposal must have surprised festival-goers insofar as Stromae is not very active on social networkslet alone on TikTok.

Once again, Internet users (and big fans of Stromae) have granted to say that it is really too strong : “He managed to make Coachella dance, he is way too strong. », « Weak point: too strong. », « A genius this guy! “, “I did not think he was so famous abroad but on the other hand it seems logical to me now. ».

And you, what do you think of his performance after watching the video below? At the MCE TV Editor, in any case, we hope that he will do just as well the next few times. As a reminder, Stromae returns to Coachella on April 23, 2022.

Photo credit: AKM-GSI/ABACA

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