La star NBA du Utah Jazz, Donovan Mitchell, a été photographiée aux côtés d'un gros nom d'une top-team qu'il souhaiterait rejoindre, provoquant le buzz sur les réseaux

Strange controversy around Donovan Mitchell!



Donovan Mitchell seems destined to leave the Jazz, but where will he play next season? That’s the whole point… Especially since recent rumors have led to some controversy, with sources publicly contradicting each other on Twitter.

Like his teammate Rudy Gobert, who, however, learned bad news on the market, Donovan Mitchell is leaving for the Utah side. The new elimination of his squad in the first round of the playoffs in 2021-22 was one too many, a priori, and coach Quin Snyder gave way to young Will Hardy. At the same time, the competition is scrambling to afford its services, and 5 big trades could send him far from Salt Lake City.

Among the main franchises concerned, we find in particular the Heat which came within a hair’s breadth of returning to the Finals this year. The squad built around Jimmy Butler has ambition, and his front office isn’t known for being afraid of making big moves in the offseason. As journalist Kristian Winfield revealed recently, Miami has already contacted the Mormons about the back:

The Miami Heat is a more than likely destination for Donovan Mitchell and has already made an offer to the Jazz, according to Kristian Winfield. “Fat Joe (the rapper, editor’s note) told me that he was close to Mitchell and that his dream would be to play for Miami, not for the Knicks in his hometown.

Donovan Mitchell at the Heat, info or intox?

The guard’s interest in the Floridians has been public knowledge for a while, as has the fact that their managers are watching his case closely. However, one detail is worth remembering in this story: Winfield’s source, namely Fat Joe. The famous lyricist and DJ indeed contradicted these allegations on his Twitter account, claiming to have in no way claimed a rapprochement between the two clans:

I never said that.

In the end, who should we believe? Impossible to answer this question, for the moment. What is certain is that number 45 is no longer the priority of the moment for South Beach. In effect, Kevin Durant has made it one of his favorite spots after asking to leave the Nets, a golden opportunity for the franchise to sign one of the best players in the world. In this context, Spida could well be sacrificed if it can lead to the 2014 MVP instead.

Is Donovan Mitchell close to landing at the Heat or not? the least we can say is that the recent information is confusing. That being said, there is still a chance that there is a grain of truth in this.

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