Dell Curry a fait une révélation sur son fils ainé Stephen

Steph Curry’s Dad’s Incredible Announcement About His Future



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At 34, and with 4 years of contract still ahead of him, Steph Curry has been the subject of concern for a few days about his future at the Warriors. In this context, his father, Dell, delivered a very clear opinion on the rest of the Chief’s career in the NBA.

After hitting the jackpot he was hoping for last summer, and thereby securing his financial future, his loyalty to Golden State seemed flawless. However, the recent news on the side of San Francisco pushes to wonder about Stephen Curry. Indeed, the decisions taken by its leaders on the workforce could soon reshuffle the cards in this case.

Admittedly very attached to his franchise and his life in the Bay, the MVP of the Finals in title is just as much vis-à-vis his star teammates. From then on, he would not fail to let go a big blow to the front office of the Warriors if the Draymond Green rumors are true. For the time being, the testimonies concerning him are however relatively positive for fans of the Dubs.

Steph Curry on the decline? His father’s cash answer

Asked recently about his plans for the rest of his career, Steph made a statement that couldn’t be clearer on his desires to stay in Golden State. It remains to be seen if he will keep his word, and if he will be able to maintain his crazy performance as he approaches his forties. His father, Dell, is in any case not the slightest worry about it, in comments reported by Monte Poole of NBC Sports :

Having watched him play at 34, he is able to maintain this level and remain as productive on the floor. He may not plant 30 points per game, but we will always have to defend on him. And that, players against whom opponents must constantly defend, is important in a team. It makes things easier for your teammates.

With his style of play so much focused on 3-point shooting, Curry should have no problem going the distance, or fending off the impact of time on his production. On the other hand, a certain loss of appetite could borrow this effect in the years to come, he who would have only one goal to achieve from now on. Dell, however, wants to be reassuring on this point:

He always has the motivation. He always wants to earn more. He is always hungry for victories and titles. So he will definitely be able to play at this level for many more years.

The Chef’s teammates have therefore obviously not finished benefiting from his talent, and the competition to live nightmarish evenings in front of him!

Stephen Curry has been pushing back his decline for years, and it seems he is not ready to stop believing Dell. Critics of the Warriors leader will therefore have to wait before rejoicing in his loss of speed!

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