La superstar NBA des Golden State Warriors, Stephen Curry, a vécu un véritable cauchemar face à un joueur de l'ombre des Phoenix Suns

Steph Curry ready to put a huge pressure on the Warriors!



At the top of his game during this past season, Steph Curry won everything with the Warriors, and intends to continue this momentum. The leader logically wants to keep a competitive roster, even if it means putting pressure on his front office, if necessary. It could be in a year, depending on how the Draymond Green case progresses.

Now defending champions, the Warriors will do their best next year to try to defend their property, despite a still fierce Western Conference. Stephen Curry will be back, as will Draymond Green and Klay Thompson. For Andrew Wiggins and Jordan Poole, both eligible for a contract extension? This should be the case, their series can wait until next summer to know their outcome.

Next ? It’s a bit of a mystery. All the players mentioned, with the exception of Curry who still has 4 years of contract, will have the possibility of signing an extension. Problem ? Joe Lacob, the owner, can’t afford to extend everyone. The NBA does not prohibit it, but with the rules in force and according to The Athletic, the invoice could exceed 540 million dollars, against more than 300 today.

Steph Curry ready for anything for Draymond Green?

The Dubs roster is bound to explode. It remains to be seen who will leave, and when will the front office make a choice? As we said, some will be able to wait until the summer of 2023, like Green. The latter has a player option for the 2023/24 campaign, but could land on the market instead, in search of a max contract. The Warriors refuse to give himwhich may not please Curry.

Here is what Marcus Thompson, for The Athletic, explains in his latest article:

The question is how Curry would feel if his teammate didn’t get his extension. Multiple sources have confirmed that Steph would be very unhappy if the team loses Green, especially because they refuse to pay him. Curry has four more years on his contract, and wants Dray and Thompson to be with him during that time. A three-year extension for Green would align his contract with Steph.

Curry sees the Big Three as a package. While the talk revolves around the Warriors looking to go the long haul by developing youngsters, some have noted that plan has faded in the postseason. It was up to the stars to win, with the help of a few veterans.

However, and if the Warriors are aiming for victory, they cannot afford to keep Poole, Wiggins and company. We are not even talking about young people like James Wiseman, Jonathan Kuminga and Moses Moody, who will in turn have to sign an extension. Clearly, the front office will not be able to have it both ways forever.

The Warriors roster will explode, it remains to be seen when, and who will still be present in the coming years. Steph Curry wants Draymond Green to stay, especially when you know his importance on the floor, but also outside. A turn that will be very difficult to negotiate for Golden State.

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