“Steph Curry is the best player in the world, by far”

“Steph Curry is the best player in the world, by far”



The debate over who is the best player in the league is always quite thorny, especially given the performances of the last season. Is LeBron James still at the top? Is Kevin Durant number 1? Not for Shaquille O’Neal in any case, who recently spoke on the subject. The Lakers legend prefers to vote Steph Curry, and there is no debate according to him.

Every year, the same discussion comes up all over the NBA: who is the best player in the league? LeBron James dominated the subject for a long time, but his last season at the Lakers left its mark. Some think Kevin Durant has been at the top for a few seasons, but then again, the Nets’ recent campaign turned into a total fiasco, with a first-round elimination from the playoffs against the Celtics.

Steph Curry knighted by Shaquille O’Neal!

Shaquille O’Neal has a strong opinion on the debate. Invited in a recent podcast alongside Kenny Smith in particular, he did not hesitate to make it clear that Steph Curry was on the throne. It must be said that with a fourth ring on his finger, a title of MVP of the finals and that of the last All-Star Game, Baby Face provided the show for the Warriors, so much so that the Big Cactus is a fan.

Nobody can beat the best player in the world, Steph Curry. It is, and by far. You can choose the category you want, but the real ones are recognized by their number of championships. No one is playing better than Steph Curry today. I love what he’s done with his career.

With 25.5 points, 5.2 rebounds and 6.3 assists, Curry is definitely at the top of the league, even if the debate is always allowed. The new season should make it possible to decide between the favorites, with, we hope, a real clash between Lakers and Warriors.

I don’t know why this person (Nischelle Turner, editor’s note) reacts like this. He just got the Finals MVP, so the title of best in the world seems deserved. And even if some don’t necessarily agree, she acts as if Shaq said anything 😂

I get annoyed and tired of these “oh yeah he’s the best shooter” like that’s the only real thing

He is 100% right

Steph Curry is not just the best shooter in the league, he also deserves to have his name associated with the title of best player. His performances are enticing as the Warriors have won another title, and it may not be the last. Shaquille O’Neal has understood where the Chief is.

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