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Faced with consumer expectations, brands must adapt their content marketing strategy in order to offer more interactions and increasingly personalized campaigns. In its latest report on the state of inbound marketing in France, HubSpot reveals the results of its survey of more than 1,600 B2B and B2C marketers around the world, with data from the French market.

You will discover many insights on the practices of marketers, among which we find in particular the channels and formats to be favored to prepare your 2023 campaigns.

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Social networks, the reference marketing channel

While 53% of marketing professionals in France publish content every day, the report notes that social networks will remain the reference marketing channel in 2022, with more marked segmentation in terms of audiences and objectives according to platforms. Here are the 8 marketing channels favored by the industry professionals surveyed:

  1. Social networks (44%),
  2. The website or blog (35%),
  3. Emailing (31%),
  4. Influencer marketing (30%),
  5. Advertising on social networks (27%),
  6. Content marketing (27%),
  7. experiential marketing (24%),
  8. SEO (21%).

The board : bet on co-creation with influencers or customers, in particular for B2C brands which rank influence marketing in 2nd position ahead of the website and emailing. Conversely, virtual events, which are cited by 25% of marketers worldwide, are increasingly neglected in the French market.

The emergence of influencer marketing

With the growing popularity of influencers on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube, influencer marketing is a digital marketing channel that has grown in popularity in recent months, as the report highlights.

Overall, creativity and spontaneity are the hallmark of the most successful marketers. While influencers are increasingly using native advertising and experiential marketing, influencer marketing is the real rising trend in 2022. The industry is expected to exceed $16 billion globally in 2022, specifies HubSpot.

The top 5 marketing trends in 2022. © HubSpot

The most effective channels for marketers

Beyond social networks, SEO remains an effective channel for acquiring new customers and achieving sales targets. With a third of the traffic coming from natural referencing, all websites combined, organic channels should not be neglected, quite the contrary!

The board : carefully select the most relevant keywords for its activity and optimize its content, in order to ensure conversion, while monitoring the ROI of its actions thanks to the analysis of first-party data.

The main sources of traffic for all websites. © HubSpot

We can also expect the share of direct traffic to increase significantly in 2022. The cookie management policy prevents marketers from identifying the source of visitors who have not accepted them. This unidentified traffic will therefore be automatically attributed to live, adds HubSpot in its report.

Video, the leading content format for marketers

For the 3rd consecutive year, video is designated as the “queen” of content formats (70%), ahead of blogs and podcasts (44%), computer graphics and images (40%). In particular, the short video represents the content format that generates the most engagement as well as the highest ROI, thanks to its interactive and entertaining aspect. In particular, it offers the possibility for brands to speak out by sharing real and lived experiences, which will affect Internet users.

The main objectives of marketers with video. © HubSpot

The board : use TikTok, Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts to inform, inspire, share company culture and entertain. Do not hesitate to combine short video with influencer marketing, user-generated content (UGC) and employee advocacy.

What are the marketing forecasts for B2B and B2C brands?

The report published by HubSpot on the state of inbound marketing is rich and comprehensive. In addition to providing marketers with valuable data on content marketing, digital advertising and email marketing, you will also discover the expected marketing forecasts for B2B and B2C brands:

  • Massive use of TikTok by B2B brands,
  • B2C investments on the rise in voice search, CSR and videos,
  • Greater automation of marketing actions,
  • The development of Account Based Marketing (ABM),
  • Targeted recruitment around content creation professionals.

To go further, get more insights, advice and figures on current practices within the community of marketing professionals, you can download HubSpot’s report now by clicking on the link below. .

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