NBA Victor Wembanyama, futur GOAT ?

“Sources: This team decided to lose all 82 games for Victor Wembanyama”



Monstrous against Team Ignite and rival Scoot Henderson, Victor Wembanyama practically broke the internet with his flamboyant performance. Some are already announcing a historic tanking race in the NBA… and a specific franchise has also had the right to a big punchline on this subject.

It was Victor Wembanyama’s first match against an American team, an event inevitably awaited by many people even if it was only Team Ignite of G League. And to say that the Frenchman responded would be an understatement, because the person concerned was simply amazing against his opponents. Author of a madman performancethe Boulogne-Levallois pivot turned heads by being unstoppable from start to finish.

His rival for the draft Scoot Henderson may have also dropped a good performance (28 points, 5 rebounds and 9 assists), impossible for him to compete with what the great hope of France slammed on the floors. Enough to allow the latter to justify his huge punchline, a few hours earlier. On the journalist side, we were obviously amazed by the show he offered to all of us. Bill Simmons also released a cash “prediction” on Twitter which sums up the situation perfectly:

The US on fire after the Wembanyama box

Sources, the Jazz decided to lose its 82 games.

Of course, this is only a joke, but it is clear that it is not completely meaningless, especially since the Mormons are interested in him. The V was being closely scrutinized by scouts from nearly all of the NBA, who had definite confirmation of its gigantic potential. The race for the first pick in 2023 will therefore be of almost historic violence, in order to be able to secure the services of the young Habs. On the fan side, we adopted a similar discourse:

We told you about this guy a year ago. There’s a reason Danny Ainge at Utah and Gregg Popovich at San Antonio go out of their way to tank. Wembanyama is the biggest prospect to enter the league since James.

With such comparisons, it’s no wonder everyone is drooling over Vincent Collet’s protege. If with that, he is not the first draft pick, we are heading straight for scandal.

Seeing Victor Wembanyama shine brightly against an American squad, although only from the G League, NBA observers now know what to expect: the young big man is an absolute monster. Getting it in the draft is almost a guarantee of acquiring a superstar in the making.

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