SOLUDAF, time-sharing DAF, solution for VSEs/SMEs



Can you present SOLUDAF?

After a career of nearly 20 years in large industrial companies, SMEs and international NGOs in positions of responsibility in Management Control, then as Administrative and Financial Director, I created SOLUDAF in 2019, a CFO firm in timeshare at the service of companies and associations. Thanks to my knowledge of the business, I support managers in managing their business and the structuring of the finance function. I am particularly involved in the implementation of a financial strategy and the development of management control and management tools.

What is a DAF timeshare company?

The use of timeshare, initiated in the early 2000s in the field of human resources, allows companies to benefit, according to their needs, expertise and skills of employees that they cannot or do not want to recruit internally. This is available today in many specialties (finance, human resources, marketing, etc.) and is aimed at companies looking for experienced profiles in technical professions. Some simply don’t need a full-time CFO. The use of a time-sharing DAF (or outsourced DAF) is therefore a solution particularly suited to the needs of VSEs/SMEs which, to ensure their development and keep control of their budget, are looking for skills that they do not necessarily have. interest in integrating full-time.

What is your service offering?

I have a very operational approach to my job. Like all CFOs, I work on accounting management, financial strategy, management control, cash management, business plan development, and I liaise with third parties such as banks, shareholders, chartered accountants, auditors… I am also called upon for certain corporate finance transactions such as capital restructuring or the issue of association securities.

My interventions can be long-term and then take the form of recurring support for a few days a week or a month. In this case, they relate to the entire scope of a DAF. They can also be of short duration within the framework of a specific project or to respond to a temporary overload of activity. This may include, for example, the creation of a dashboard, a cost reduction mission, WCR optimization, the implementation of a new ERP or an acquisition audit. for structures undergoing external growth.

What are the benefits for corporate clients?

First of all, it is an economical solution: less expensive than hiring a full-time employee, the intervention of an external CFO makes it possible to calibrate expenses according to the precise needs of the company. It can also be modulated to take into account the budgetary constraints of the client company, which thus retains control of its costs. There is also a strong impact in terms of value creation. An external CFO only focuses on tasks with high added value, whereas an internal devotes part of his time to tasks that could be entrusted to more junior profiles, such as office managers or management controllers. Another advantage: an external CFO, himself a business manager, positions himself as a true partner of the manager. This makes it possible to break the loneliness of the leader which very often results from the absence of an alter ego to confront his strategic choices. Finally, an external CFO has no conflict of interest with other collaborators and speaks truth about the financial strategy and the investment strategy. I was able to measure how much the leaders appreciated this independence.

What are your perspectives ?

The market is growing. Since its creation, SOLUDAF has doubled its turnover every year. Today, I subcontract part of the activity to colleagues whose mission I supervise. Eventually, I would like to develop SOLUDAF and build a time-sharing CFO team with complementary profiles. The objective is to be able to respond to a diversified and rapidly growing demand.

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