Sofinco and Aixam create a financing joint venture

Sofinco and Aixam create a financing joint venture



Edition of 24/10/2022

New decline for the motorcycle market in September

The motorcycle market continues to underperform, with a month of September down 6.1%, after a difficult summer. If the loss at the end of September is around 13,000 registrations (-7.8%), the motorcycle market is nonetheless buoyant in 2022, with a high volume of business all the same.


Renault in good shape in the third quarter, driven by hybrids and SUVs

(AFP) – Renault’s sales held up well in the third quarter, despite vehicle sales still hampered by shortages of electronic chips.


The Peugeot, Citroën and DS groups organize their synergies with the creation of the AGGS

The association of Stellantis group groups, AGGS, is a new structure that does not replace the Peugeot (GCAP) and Citroën/DS (GCC and DS) dealer groups. It allows them to pool resources on cross-cutting subjects. The Opel groups and FCA brands are not associated with it.


Jürgen Distl, Head of Mercedes-Benz Trucks Operations

As of January 1, 2023, Jürgen Distl will take over the management of Mercedes-Benz Trucks Operations, succeeding Sven Gräble.


Forvia (Faurecia) records a strong increase in sales in the third quarter

(AFP) – Forvia, the entity that brings together automotive suppliers Faurecia and Hella, published strong third-quarter sales figures on Friday, rebounding with global automotive growth.

Equipment manufacturers

The French automotive commercial and industrial problem is not Chinese but European

The week of the World Cup was one of interactions between the French political world and the two manufacturers. At a time when the latter must manage, without having the choice of technologies, a very rapid decarbonization of the vehicles they market, public support is there. Not surprising and rather legitimate in this context that a form of national preference is requested because it cannot be required. In the European context, however, it is only possible to make aid conditional on manufacturing in the EU. That may not be enough.

To analyse

Crédit Agricole orders 10,000 hydrogen sedans from Hopium

(AFP) – The consumer credit subsidiary of Crédit Agricole has signed a memorandum of understanding with Hopium for the delivery of 10,000 hydrogen sedans that the French start-up intends to produce in Normandy from 2025, announced on Saturday companies in a press release.


Paris Motor Show: Extinction Rebellion activists stick to sports cars

(AFP) – A dozen activists from the Extinction Rébellion (XR) movement carried out an action on Friday evening at the Paris Motor Show, some briefly sticking to sports cars, to denounce the “individual car model” always promoted by the industry, they announced in a press release.

Around the car

Dietrich Mateschitz, the discreet Austrian behind the Red Bull empire

(AFP) – Austrian billionaire Dietrich Mateschitz, who died on Saturday at the age of 78, belatedly built a sports and media empire around his energy drink company Red Bull, which has become a world famous brand.

Around the car

New Stellantis contracts: seduction operation for Carlos Tavares

In front of about thirty bosses of automotive distribution groups who are members of the think-tank Karidea, Carlos Tavares engaged in an operation of seduction with the networks at a time when discussions on new Stellantis contracts are difficult. Something to give a positive impetus to these negotiations.


BMW continues to invest in battery and cell production in Germany

By 2024, BMW will have five high-voltage battery assembly lines in Leipzig and will commission a near-serial cell production line at its pilot center in Parsdorf, near Munich.


Service Category

Crédit Agricole renames its short-term rental activities, Drivalia

(AFP) – As part of its agreement with Stellantis, Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance (CACF) will deploy the activities of Leasys Rent under the name “Drivalia”, the bank announced on Monday at the Paris Motor Show.


BNP Paribas will launch an “all-in-one” digital NV and UV sales platform

The bank, accompanied by its subsidiaries Arval, Cetelem and Cardif, will offer an “all-in-one” automobile offer reserved, initially, for customers of its branches in France. This is an example of the transversal offers in the field of mobility that the bank wishes to offer to its customers, individuals, companies and manufacturers.


Renault reveals the Duo, an electric quadricycle accessible with or without a license

Mobilize, the Renault subsidiary dedicated to new mobility services, revealed on Friday the almost final version of its Duo electric quadricycle which will be deployed at the end of 2023 with car-sharing companies but also with individuals, by all-inclusive subscription, and companies, in LLD.


United States: car transporters ask for a 10% increase in the weight limit to be able to deliver electric vehicles

(Reuters) – Auto hauliers are pressuring the Biden administration to increase truck weight limits on U.S. highways so they can haul more electric vehicles, which the industry is fiercely opposed to railway and safety advocates who argue that heavier loads are significantly more dangerous.


Toyota chooses Valenciennes to launch its car-sharing offer in France

Since yesterday, Toyota has been experimenting with its Kinto Share car-sharing service in Valenciennes, with a fleet of six Yaris. The RCM group, Toyota distributor in the city, promotes the supply and maintenance of vehicles.


LeasePlan switches its internal fleet to 100% electric

The rental company LeasePlan has made the drastic choice to switch its entire internal fleet to 100% electric in order to accumulate experience in the service of its customers. Carried out as a real business project, the transition to electricity lasted 18 months and required education and flexibility. the protagonists tell…


Weight of European tankers will shrink as transition accelerates, says JPMorgan

(Reuters) – Europe’s major oil companies will see their share of global energy sales slowly erode over the next few years as growing production of renewables and low-emission fuels only partially offset lower oil and gas, according to a new report from JPMorgan.


Oil prices stabilize in prospect of balancing supply after strong sell-off

(Reuters) – Oil stabilized in early Asian trading on Tuesday as indications that the OPEC+ producer alliance was seeking to avoid a price crash, along with a slight weakening in the U.S. dollar, tempered a previous sale.


FCA Bank prepares for the after Stellantis with multiple partnerships

From 2023, FCA Bank will lose its agreement with Stellantis and will start a new business model which requires the signing of numerous manufacturer agreements. ElectricBrands is the latest in a series of signings that have been announced in recent months.


Ludovic Van de Voorde (CGI Finance): “Our raison d’être is the service to the distributors we support”

A year almost to the day after taking office in September 2021, Ludovic Van de Voorde gives us his vision of the evolution of car financing in the networks at a time of great transformation.


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