Sobriety, ESG, CSR... The new eldorado of commercial real estate

Sobriety, ESG, CSR… The new eldorado of commercial real estate



The regulations have been in the works for more than four years but are still slow to apply. The building may represent 25% of greenhouse gas emissions in France, but the climate obligation, which concerns private and political actors, real estate professionals and local authorities, has been postponed for the second time in two years.

Since the promulgation of the law on the evolution of housing, development and digital technology (Élan) in October 2018, the public concerned had, in theory, until September 30, 2021 to declare their energy consumption for the year. 2020 and data related to their buildings. In reality, the implementation of the Operat platform of the Agency for Ecological Transition (Ademe) has been delayed, pushing back the first entries to December 31, 2021 and the deadline for reporting information to September 30, 2022.

A “legal obligation”

Rebelote on September 23: in a press release, the Ministries of Ecological Transition and Territorial Cohesion and Energy Transition granted a new ” tolerance “ until December 31, 2022 to complete these declarations, while recalling that this is a ” legal obligation “. The objective of this “tertiary decree” remains the same: to compel all lessor owners and occupants of surfaces of more than 1,000 square meters to reduce their energy consumption on the basis of those of 2010: -40% in 2030, – 50% in 2040 and -60% in 2050. In other words, sobriety before this word became fashionable.

“It’s a very ambitious job for which it remains very complicated to reconcile the meters with the tenants of the buildings, but the process is under way. Now that we are measuring, we have to lower it and for that, changing behavior is not enough, we have to go through rehabilitation work,” reacts Robin Rivaton, Managing Director of Stonal, which presents itself as the leading platform for real estate performance in France by marketing tools for multi-year automated work plans.

Going further on ESG

The decarbonization of the sector is indeed becoming a new outlet for the market. The French subsidiary of the American business real estate consultancy CBRE acquired, last June, the young shoot Green Soluce in this direction. Its president, now Senior Director and Head of ESG & Sustainability services at her new employer, calls for going further than action plans to meet this environmental challenge. Ella Etienne-Denoy indeed pleads for “transform this regulatory obligation to go further in terms of ESG”.

“This represents an unprecedented opportunity to enter, collect and structure the collection of relevant data, as well as the monitoring of data over time, and above all to analyze it. Energy data is thus a first brick in the analysis and accounting of carbon,” she adds.

A management and filling tool

Robin Rivaton will not say otherwise. On this day of government presentation of the sobriety plan, the CEO of Stonal announces the availability, in free access, of a management tool for campaigns to collect and fill in ESG evaluation grids. This acronym refers to the criteria “environmental, social and governance”, extra-financial indicators that enable companies to assess their actions vis-à-vis the environment and their stakeholders.

“Asset managers will be able to create their own grid or take our reference grid based on best market practices. Ultimately, our wish is that they discover the benefits of our complete solution which reads the documents and automatically fills in these grids”, he continues.

A dedicated digital solution

CBRE France also addresses this subject with a dedicated digital solution, while training all of its clients’ employees to disseminate knowledge and know-how on these subjects.

ESG is itself based on three pillars: an environmental pillar, a societal pillar and a governance pillar, which require both strategic thinking and very concrete operational deployment, on themes such as energy, carbon or biodiversity. », insists Ella Etienne-Denoy.

It is about CSR, corporate social responsibility. Provided that the construction sites follow. If necessary, this will remain statements in an Excel table or in software ad hoc.