Snapchat launches themed advertising boxes on Discover - Social Networks > Influences

Snapchat launches themed advertising boxes on Discover – Social Networks > Influences



Snapchat launches themed advertising boxes on Discover

This Thursday, October 13, in front of an audience of influencers and partners, Snapchat presented its back-to-school schedule and new advertising formats for advertiser brands. The first “Snap Select bundles” arrive in France.

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Launched in 2016, Discover continues its strong growth in France with 17 million users who watch at least one program per month on the platform (+ 7 million in 5 years). The platform that aggregates exclusive content produced by media partners such as Brut, Canal+ or M6 reached an average monthly audience of 8 million users in France in the 2nd quarter of 2022 through news content. Not less than 50 media are partners to date including TF1, Le Figaro, Melty, Canal+ and some of its famous programs (Question Box, Broute and Studio Bagel) or even Le Parisien. ” Today, 27 million French people open the application every month. Discover has become one of Snapchat’s fastest growing platforms. Welcoming a growing community of partners evolving and growing over the years, Discover today affirms its pioneering position in vertical video with a space dedicated to content from trusted media partners and content creators, far from fake news,” says Grégory Gazagne, CEO of Snap France.

Snap Select bundles, new format

The platform, hears apply the storytelling model applied to media for brands by seeking a protected broadcast context. Also, Snapchat announces the deployment of a new advertising format, the Snap Select bundles. The platform thus offers brands the possibility of choosing the context in which their advertisements are broadcast, the Commercials, six-second non-skippable videos broadcast exclusively within Discover broadcasts. Three categories of content are offered: sports, beauty and cooking. These three sectors brought together nearly 5 million monthly visitors in the second quarter of 2022, according to Philippe Tanant, product marketing manager at Snap France. “With a constantly growing diversity of content, Discover represents a great opportunity for brands. Discover has a real impact on their visibility and their marketing objectives,” he said. In France, in June 2022, 92 Discover shows had a monthly audience of over 1 million users.

M6, again a partner

The leaders took advantage of this event to announce the renewal of the application’s partnership with the M6 ​​group. The channel is one of the largest partners on Discover with a thirty programs published on the platform, such as “Beijing Express”, “Top Chef”, or even “Incredible transformations”. M6 will continue its presence on Snapchat with the arrival of new channels such as “France has an incredible talent”, “Love is in the meadow” or “Lego Masters”. The group will also develop its new direct marketing offers for its advertising inventory on Snapchat via M6 Publicité.

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