Slawomir Krupa future CEO of Société Générale

Slawomir Krupa future CEO of Société Générale



Societe Generale’s Board of Directors, meeting on September 30, 2022 under the chairmanship of Lorenzo BINI SMAGHI, unanimously decided, on the proposal of the Appointments and Corporate Governance Committee, to propose to shareholders during the General Meeting of May 23, 2023 Slawomir KRUPA as director replacing Frédéric OUDEA who had announced that he was not seeking the renewal of his term of office at the General Meeting of May 17, 2022. Once elected, Slawomir KRUPA will be appointed Chief Executive Officer by the Board administration.

This choice is fully in line with the framework and deadlines set at the General Meeting of May 17, 2022.

In application of the highest governance standards, the appointment process was led by Lorenzo BINI SMAGHI, Chairman of the Board of Directors, in coordination with the Appointments and Corporate Governance Committee, chaired by Gérard MESTRALLET, involving all independent directors and in interaction with the entire Board of Directors. It benefited from the advice of a firm of independent experts and examined various applications from high quality women and men, internal to the company and external, French and international.

The European Central Bank was kept informed throughout the selection process.

Lorenzo BINI SMAGHI, Chairman of the Board of Directors declared:
“Welcoming the excellent work of our independent directors, carried out under the supervision of Gérard MESTRALLET, as well as the professionalism and rigor of the appointment process, in accordance with the expectations expressed by the shareholders, I am delighted, on behalf of the Board of Directors , of the choice that was made.

I have been working with Slawomir KRUPA for several years. He knows our bank and the challenges that await it perfectly; he was convinced of his ability to lead a major European bank such as Societe Generale.

His first mission will be to finalize the major transformations underway, such as the merger of the networks in France, the acquisition of LeasePlan by ALD, the growth of Boursorama, the continued development of corporate and investment banking, refocused on its key professions. We particularly appreciated its potential to accelerate the development of Societe Generale as a responsible bank, close to its customers, able to generate higher and sustainable profitability. He demonstrates a strong spirit of innovation and a great ability to mobilize teams, he has all the assets to unite the bank’s energies and intensify the pace of the transformations necessary in a rapidly changing global environment.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to thank Frédéric OUDEA for continuing to implement the bank’s strategy and supporting his successor as he takes office. »


Slawomir Krupa has over 26 years of experience in the international financial sector. Joining the Societe Generale group in 1996, he began his career as an Inspector at the General Inspection. In 1999, he left the Group to found and manage an Internet start-up specializing in the field of e-finance in Eastern Europe. He returned to the Group in 2002 within the General Inspection before being appointed in 2005 to the management committee of this department. During these years at the General Inspectorate, he acquired an in-depth understanding of the operation and challenges of all banking professions all over the world.

From 2007, he joined Corporate and Investment Banking, where he took on successive responsibilities that enabled him to strengthen his expertise and knowledge of banking businesses in the service of his major international clients.

In 2007, he was Director of Strategy and Development, then head of the Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa (CEEMEA) zone in 2009, and Deputy Director of Financing in 2012, supervising in particular the primary activities bonds, securitization and leveraged finance while retaining its regional responsibilities, extended in 2013 to private banking, asset management and the securities business.

Appointed CEO of SG Americas in January 2016, he led the strengthening of the Americas platform, both in terms of business performance and risk management, in an environment with major regulatory challenges.

In January 2021, he joined the Group’s General Management team as Deputy Managing Director in charge of Global Banking and Investor Solutions activities. He turned around the activities of this division by defining a profitable and sustainable growth strategy for these businesses, and by steering its implementation for 18 months. It has thus restored the confidence of stakeholders in this area of ​​activity thanks to an effective program of risk reduction, cost control and diversification of the business portfolio to seize development opportunities. It has also initiated an in-depth transformation of the businesses towards an “ESG by Design” sustainable growth model.

Aged 48, of Franco-Polish nationality, Slawomir Krupa is a graduate of the Institute of Political Studies in Paris.


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