, the platform to get started in affiliate marketing, the platform to get started in affiliate marketing



Affiliate marketing involves delegating the promotion of a product to an affiliate or partner in exchange for a commission for each click or sale made. To get started and become an affiliate, you have to find the right program. There are a plethora of them, including It allows content creators and marketers to promote products from major e-commerce brands.

Create your affiliate marketing page from A to Z is an online platform. To start enjoying the benefits it offers, a quick registration is necessary, during which you define the domain name of your store. This can be personalized as desired. It is possible to change the color of the background, add a profile picture or a logo, put a header, write a biography… In short, everything that identifies who we are, and the products we promote. The store’s link (ie its affiliate marketing page) can be shared on a blog or even on social networks.

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illustration, brands on the left and screenshot of a nike product on the right

25,000 brands are available. Illustration:

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You can modify your profile as you wish. Illustration:

You have to define the brands you want to be affiliated with. offers a choice of 25,000 e-commerce sites, including Nike, ASOS and Groupon. You are then asked to choose the products you want to promote. Just copy and paste the URL of the article in question and indicate the name, for example “Nike Air Zoom”.

We then have the choice among several types of monetization. The most recommended is the default option, which is a predefined percentage earned on each product sold. Note that it is possible to indicate whether the product has been tested or not. Buyers generally appreciate hearing from other consumers. For the last step, you simply have to specify whether you want to add a reduction, or not. The product then appears on our page created a little earlier.

In the event that one of the links of our products is broken, informs us immediately. At the same time, the dashboard is very useful for managing product URLs shared on different channels, but not only. It also offers an overview of the number of clicks, sales or revenue per transaction. So many elements that allow us to see its overall progress. To get more metrics, it is better to use Google Analytics and Facebook integration.

Only for a few days, it is possible to get for 79 dollars for life instead of 359 dollars. Thanks to this offer, you can create a store on the platform, change your domain name and have three user accounts. For more possibilities, it is necessary to turn to one of the other two licenses.

The editorial staff of Siècle Digital presents the most interesting free, freemium or paid tools for professionals every day. Some web products sometimes benefit from strong reductions linked to temporary deals that we select when the software seems interesting to us. As in the present case, some content is not sponsored but contains an affiliate link.

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