Vanessa Bryant, la femme de la légende NBA des Los Angeles Lakers, Kobe Bryant, a révélé les terribles menaces qu'elle reçoit depuis la tragique disparition de son mari

Shocking New Revelations in Kobe Bryant Trial



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The lawsuit between Vanessa Bryant and the County of Los Angeles continues, and the updates are getting more and more terrifying. Two police officers incriminated notably dropped a terrible confession in front of the judge… With that, it would not be surprising if the verdict was quickly rendered.

To the dismay of the family of Kobe Bryant, the latter is still unable to move forward. Indeed, the story around the death of the former player and his daughter Gianna is far from being resolved, having given rise to a dark legal battle. Vanessa, the widow of the five-time champion has indeed filed a complaint against the County of Los Angeles, after certain photos of the scene of the tragedy were disclosed. We can only imagine the shock that must have been.

Having started a few days ago, the trial is now in full swing and the least we can say is that you have to have a strong heart to follow. Some horrifying details have thus been revealed during various testimonies, to the point where Vanessa had to leave the room, upset. It’s hard to deal with such stories… and it doesn’t stop there. Indeed, as relayed TMZ Sportstwo police officers accused of having leaked images confessed at the bar:

The horrific confession of the police on the accident of Kobe Bryant

Michael Russell, a Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy, claims the photo swapping took place shortly after the Lakers legend and his daughter, Gianna, perished in the tragic January 2020 helicopter crash. Russell, who claimed he received the photos from co-worker Joey Cruz hours after the accident, said he joined in a game of video games with Santa Clarita deputy Ben Sanchez the following day.

As the pair played a first-person shooter game, Russell said he told Sanchez he had the photos and asked him if he wanted to see them. When the policeman said yes, Russell said he sent them. Russell admitted in court that he didn’t have to do this. He also said he received nothing more than a small warning as punishment.

Cruz, meanwhile, also testified in court on Tuesday… and admitted to showing the photos to a bartender as well. Cruz said he did it to relieve the stress he had to deal with due to the situation – and testified that he felt remorse for it all. Vanessa Bryant, who is filing charges for, among other things, emotional distress, was present in court – although she left the room for at least part of Cruz’s testimony.

The trial could still last up to almost two weeks, but it wouldn’t be surprising if the jury reached a verdict in much less time after this confession. To have done such an act when they were no longer on duty makes it perhaps even more gruesome, leaking the gory snaps like one would share an Instagram post. The file could be quickly folded, under these conditions.

Difficult to do more despicable behavior on the part of these members of the police, who circulated images of Kobe’s corpse as if nothing had happened. We can only understand the distress of Vanessa Bryant, very affected by all the recent revelations.

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