NBA Shaq parle de LeBron et Kobe

Shaq’s shock take on LeBron in the GOAT debate!



In a few months, when LeBron James officially becomes the all-time leading scorer, the GOAT title debate could take another turn. For Shaquille O’Neal, it will be impossible to dethrone the King once he’s at the top.

By winning his 4th title in the bubble with the Lakers, LeBron James seriously approached Michael Jordan in the hunt for the GOAT title. For some observers and some fans, it was even the moment of a historic shift, since the King had just brought a third franchise to the roof of the world, a rare feat for a player of this level.

In the next few months the debate could take another turn when the King officially becomes the all-time leading scorer, surpassing a record that many thought was unbreakable. Passing through the show of rapper NORE, Shaquille O’Neal has just given a shock opinion on the question, since according to him, the King could definitely take the throne.

For Shaq, LeBron could become the GOAT this season!

NORE: With Kobe Bryant it was only the victory that mattered. All the stories around Jordan show that it was the same for him. But the criticism around LeBron is that he doesn’t have the killer instinct.

Shaquille O’Neal: I have a question for all of you. LeBron only needs to average 16 points to pass Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. If he passes him to become the all-time leading scorer, does he automatically become the best all-time player? If someone is better than me but I surpass them, are they really better?

I’m just asking the question I love this debate. How can you say you have the best yacht when your colleague has one that is 60 meters longer than yours. You have a helipad but he has a 4-story yacht. If you don’t have the killer instinct, how do you finish your career with 38,000 points scored? I’m just asking the question. I look forward to hearing from all the experts on this.

For Shaquille O’Neal, it will be very difficult to tell LeBron James that he is not the greatest player of all time once he passes Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Others may have a better track record, more titles, but in terms of individual performance, the King will have the most prestigious record in the NBA. Enough to make him the GOAT? According to the Diesel the answer is obvious.

By becoming the all-time leading scorer, LeBron James could take a big step towards the GOAT title, or so Shaquille O’Neal thinks. He does not see how another legend can place himself in front of the King with fewer points than him.

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