NBA Shaq provoqué par Kevin Durant

Shaq snaps and pulls out the sulphate on Kevin Durant!



Ultra-cash on active players, Shaquille O’Neal is particularly big on the potato with regard to Kevin Durant. During a recent interview, the Big Diesel once again allowed to set fire to the Nets winger. It stings !

Six years after his ultra-controversial departure from the Thunder for the Warriors, Kevin Durant is about to make history repeat itself. Not at all satisfied with the Brooklyn project currently, after two big consecutive failures in the playoffs, the superstar has officially asked to set sail once again. A departure would mean a fourth team in six years for the No.7, an unusual tally for a player of his status. He wants to win titles, and a priori, it doesn’t matter with which team he succeeds.

It is therefore not surprising that this behavior does not pass at all with the players of the old school, who do not hesitate to express their dissatisfaction. Charles Barkley and above all Shaquille O’Neal have the Slim Reaper in their sights, and the former Lakers pivot had taken him down not long ago. He also repeated that during his visit to the Rich Eisen Showusing a fairly well-found metaphor to once again criticize the double champion:

Shaq furious with Kevin Durant

When you put together a house you should live in it… As a leader you should make it work but he doesn’t want it to work I guess… You know he’s probably trying to land at a contender . It’s easier that way.

Decidedly, the Big Diesel no longer seems to feel the slightest sympathy for the winger, like many people.

It must be said that as Shaqtus reminds us through his metaphor, it is KD who is at the origin of the Nets superteam and who is its franchise player. However, he does not set an example, in the eyes of many people… That being said, Durantula’s admirers wanted to recall that like him, O’Neal had been the type to move a lot during his career and that he was therefore in no position to make such comments:

You should have made it work in Orlando, big boy. Or with Kobe… Why leave Wade? Shaq doesn’t have the legitimacy to talk like that.

Shaq makes it clear, Kevin Durant only wants the easy way, which is why he’s not looking to give everything for Brooklyn. Knowing the Slim Reaper, it wouldn’t be surprising if the latter counter-attacked with the same virulence, if not worse.

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