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Shams drops two big names coveted by the Lakers!



If they haven’t had a lot of success on the transfer market so far, the Lakers haven’t given up. On the contrary, Shams Charania recently declared that the Pourpres et Ors were interested in two stars… who also play for the same team.

They managed to sign a few free agents early in the offseason, allowing them to fill some holes in the squad. Unfortunately, the Lakers have hardly accomplished their main objective: to recruit a new star, and if possible get rid of Russell Westbrook. After almost two months, the Brodie is still there and no big names have landed in the City of Angels, much to the chagrin of home fans who are hoping for a revival after 2021-22.

The good news is that the front office led by Rob Pelinka is not yet admitting defeat, even after multiple failures in the file Kyrie Irving. Now, the leaders are attacking targets that are a little smaller, but which would be just as useful to them. Shams Charania broached the subject recently on Pat McAfee’s podcast, revealing that Californians would particularly squint at Jazz bosses:

Two Jazz stars in the sights of the Lakers

The Lakers are open to anything that could improve their team. If there is a deal to be made that would allow them to get several good players, which would make their roster stronger, they will go for it. I’ll keep an eye on Patrick Beverley and Bojan Bogdanovic in Utah, those are the kind of guys they can target. Getting 2-3 good players to complete the rotation is the kind of moves the Lakers will be looking to make in the coming times.

For once, the targets of the Purples and Golds are very interesting, especially in the case of PatBev. Indeed, the latter has clearly hinted for weeks that he would not be opposed to the idea of ​​joining them, especially since he does not want to participate in a reconstruction project. Whether Donovan Mitchell were to leave, that would be exactly what would take place in Salt Lake City. With his defense, he would be a valuable addition to the lead, a position that divides LA because of Westbrook.

As for Bogdanovic, he would allow the Angelinos to fill some big needs. On the one hand, he would bring real guarantees to the winger position, which is essential because Carmelo Anthony is not yet sure of staying one more year there. On top of that, he’s a very reliable scorer capable of drawing behind the arc. Again, qualities that were sorely lacking in the superteam when its best players were on the flank. The interest in him is therefore logical.

Patrick Beverley and Bojan Bogdanovic have caught the attention of the Lakers, who could well try to go and help themselves to the Jazz. If they succeed, they would in any case get two experienced players capable of bringing on the field, exactly what they need.

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