En matière de leads, comment et pourquoi le commercial et le marketing doivent-ils se rapprocher ?

Sales and Marketing: how to stop missing out on your leads

Identifying and qualifying leads, an essential basis in the daily work of marketing and sales departments. But behind this common vocabulary, the connection often stops there. In many cases, poor communication and collaboration between these two departments can even go against their common objective, resulting in the loss of identified leads, the lack of exploration of identified leads… so many hiccups that a company must avoid. , especially during the current period. A closer rapprochement must take place between sales and marketing, considered as “enemy brothers” [1] historical, but which nevertheless have everything to gain by aligning themselves with the same objectives.

A strong desire for rapprochement

The cooperation between sales and marketing is an essential component to approach and identify more precisely the relevant customers. The combination and sharing of all their information such as data from websites, social networks or daily exchanges with customers makes it possible to create ideal personas, but above all to better understand them. However, if this collaboration fails, the cause comes most of the time from the absence of a unified view of the information between these 2 services. The consequences of this poor communication are significant for the company, particularly in terms of revenue.

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However, salespeople and marketers are not fatalistic, quite the contrary! They express a desire to increase their collaboration since 89% [2] of these professionals want full alignment of their goals. However, obstacles continue to stand in their way, such as the dispersion of information on prospects and customers on several different systems and the lack of accurate customer data.

Cooperation based on data sharing and clear management

John Crossan, Vice President & General Manager Europe at Freshworks

Successfully making this change is both at the level of setting up a common hierarchy and offering a 360° view of the customer thanks to data sharing.

Today, the latter are often found dispersed on several platforms, and on several CRM tools and remain difficult to access for all salespeople and marketers. Providing a unified view of each customer improves trust, transparency, and data visibility for action relevance, creating a unified view of each customer.

In their daily lives, this means no longer missing out on these valuable leads. Better collaboration means improved lead qualification and responsiveness leading to higher conversion rates. By working together, the marketing team can send more qualified leads to the sales team, and the sales team can connect with them faster.

Added to this is the importance of establishing quality competitive intelligence. By keeping sales teams continuously informed of the tactics used by marketing and the positioning of the competition, they will be able to highlight the product more in their conversations.

Finally, succeeding in making this change requires support from managers with the establishment of a common hierarchy. It’s no longer a secret: guaranteeing healthy relationships between employees can multiply their commitment by seven times if they maintain bonds of friendship with their colleagues. [3]. The best way to achieve this is to ensure an optimal organization of space for communication between departments, to organize regular inter-team meetings, but also to promote activities outside of work to strengthen ties.

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The tangible benefits to be gained from aligning marketing and sales teams are significant for businesses today. The old model of considering these services as distinct shows its limits today. With the Covid-19 crisis which has reinforced customer requirements and made certain sectors ultra-competitive, the margin of error is greatly reduced for companies which have to adapt to this new environment.

Author: John CrossanVice President & General Manager Europe at Freshworks

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