La superstar NBA des Los Angeles Lakers, Russell Westbrook, a dû affronter une question piège sur LeBron James et Anthony Davis

Russell Westbrook in the East? The proposed 3-player trade to relieve the Lakers!



Rob Pelinka only has a few weeks left to try to find a trade from Russell Westbrook, since LeBron James has asked for an improvement in the lead. It remains to be seen whether the front office will find the right trade, even if Marc J. Spears thinks he has. The insider votes for a trade sending Brodie to the East, allowing to recover two big names.

The Lakers’ training camp will begin in a month, which leaves little time for the front office to improve this workforce. It is obviously always possible to set up a trade after this date, but we know that the franchises do not like it very much. Modifying the roster just before the start of the regular season is the best way to upset the players and the chemistry present. Rob Pelinka is therefore warned, he must act quickly.

The only exchange that makes sense in the City of Angels is that of Russell Westbrook. Although the point guard does not interest anyone in the league, even less with his salary at 47 million dollars, it is possible to send him elsewhere. The Angelinos could pair him with two first-round draft picks, like with the Nets and Kyrie Irving. Problem ? According to the latest echoes, Brooklyn does not want it.

An upcoming trade for the Lakers with an Eastern franchise?

A difficult situation for Pelinka, who knows that the options are not very numerous. The other known is with the Pacers, who are expected to part ways with Buddy Hield and Myles Turner in the more or less near future. This gives an idea to insider Marc J. Spears, who thinks he has found the right trade. This obviously involves Westbrook, but above all dropping the first two rounds of the draft.

Lakers recover: Buddy Hield, Myles Turner

Pacers recover: Russell Westbrook, 2027 first round, 2029 first round

These first rounds are the key to the exchange. Here, we have to wonder if the Lakers are ready to let go of these two assets to recover Hield and Turner? Will the gain be big enough next season? We can have some doubts, even if this contribution will be more important than that of Westbrook. Finally, does Indiana want to drop two big plays for distant draft rounds? Again, the answer may not be “yes.” »

The Lakers say no. Two first laps to just get Hield and Turner back is too much

The idea is posed for Marc J. Spears, even if the two franchises have reasons to refuse such a trade. Rob Pelinka does not want to give up these first two rounds against any player, and the Pacers will probably ask for a little more. We’ll have to wait for training camp to get a little boost in the talks.

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