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Russell Westbrook already punished at the Lakers? The possible sanction that awaits him!



The more the weeks pass, the closer Russell Westbrook seems to be to a return to the Lakers. A trade is still possible, but Rob Pelinka refuses to sacrifice elements to make it go away. In place ? Darvin Ham, the coach, will have his chance with the player, with carte blanche. According to The Athletic, Brodie can already prepare for the worst, if necessary.

Quoted in several trade rumors for weeks, Russell Westbrook is finally on track to stay in Los Angeles. The Lakers would not be against his departure, except that the Nets ask a lot in exchange for Kyrie Irving. Even with the Pacers, it’s impossible to find common ground in the draft rounds. It seems clear that Rob Pelinka does not want to give in, which complicates a trade.

Everything suggests that Brodie will return with an Angelinos jersey on his back at the start of the school year, although things will be different. Frank Vogel is no longer around, since it is Darvin Ham who will be in charge of working miracles with this roster. But that does not mean that the coach will have less power, quite the contrary. According to The Athletic, the manager should be quite free.

Russell Westbrook sanctioned during matches?

The proof, Ham will have carte blanche concerning his roster. We know that Vogel had to wait a bit before making strong decisions, such as placing Westbrook on the bench at the end of the meetings. A strong choice, sometimes necessary, but which only complicated his relationship with the star. Still, Ham should have the same right. Better ? He will have total freedom.

Lakers coach Darvin Ham will have more power over bencher Russell Westbrook at the end of games. Former manager Frank Vogel had done it a few times last season.

Clearly, if Ham feels that Russ’ place is on the bench, he will be allowed to do so. The coach is completely free, at least as long as he wins with the Purple and Gold. Everything will therefore depend on the level of Westbrook, who hopes to catch up after a terrible season. If he wants to avoid squatting the bench, and a possible trade, the person concerned knows what he has to do.

The season hasn’t even started. Real hate.

Russell Westbrook should start the season as a starter with the Lakers, but it is not sure that he will finish the end of games. Everything will depend on his performance, especially in defense, with a Darvin Ham as referee. The latter will have to do what is necessary to win, even if it means offending with the star.

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