La star NBA du Utah Jazz, Rudy Gobert, a fait l'objet d'une nouvelle déclaration humiliante, à laquelle il a réagi comme il se doit

Rudy Gobert: “We haven’t stopped sending messages with this star”



Character and player maligned within the community and the NBA circuit, Rudy Gobert still has some friends in the league, and fortunately. He has just confessed to having spent the summer writing to a big name in the West!

He left the Euros looking like a bad day, and with a silver medal that he didn’t even want to put around his neck. Frustrated by this second place acquired with the France team, Rudy Gobert has since returned to the United States, where he now takes up residence on the side of Minneapolis. On site, the French pivot found a smile, especially in contact with a teammate he has already learned to know well.

The Wolves star who Rudy Gobert writes to constantly

After nine seasons at the Jazz, Gobert gradually discovered the environment of the Timberwolves, which he joined via a huge trade during the offseason. A base in which he already seems to like, and for good reason. in addition promising statements from his teammatesthe Stifle Tower is already looking forward to sharing the floor with… Karl-Anthony Towns, as he made it clear at the microphone of SiriusXM :

The excitement is at its peak! We can’t wait to be able to show what we can do together for this team, and to have fun on the pitch. We want to win games together and live the daily life of an NBA season together. We both have a lot of ambition, and we’ve both had a lot of ups and downs in our careers. And now is the time to help each other and make each other better.

Despite a similar background according to him, Rudy however admits that he did not count KAT among the players he was relatively close to in the past. However, their meeting has considerably changed things, and would have almost made them best friends according to his words!

KAT and I haven’t stopped texting each other.

Until now, I had never really had the opportunity to get to know him as a person. We have always been seen as rivals, whether in the NBA or for the All-Star Game. But in the end, we both matched well humanly. We have empathy for others, each wants the other to succeed. And I think all of that is going to be our driving force in everything we’re going to be able to do this season.

Even before discovering Minnesota and its new partners, Rudy Gobert has obviously already forged strong ties with Karl-Anthony Towns… by text message. A most encouraging agreement for their franchise, which will count on them to shine!

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