Rising star of the day: Isaac Bélanger Leboeuf (Hamak digital marketing)

Rising star of the day: Isaac Bélanger Leboeuf (Hamak digital marketing)



Isaac Bélanger Leboeuf, (he/him) content creator, Hamak digital marketing

  • Your motto: Love what you do here and now. It’s better to love what you do every moment, life is so short.
  • Who do you idolize: The baby sun of Teletubbieshe understood everything in life: to laugh.
  • How do you stand out: Through my choreographies of J Lo and my voice Marc Hervieux.
  • Red pill or blue pill? Both, who sometimes doesn’t need to disconnect from reality 😉
  • Your Instagram account: @isaacbl

Child of clown parents (yes yes, it’s not a joke) I grew up in a family where you were born squarely in the magic cauldron of creativity. This is what led me to follow a career as a professional actor in television, cinema and theater. I have always carried out various projects as a producer, director or even as an actor. Today’s reality has led me to take an interest in digital marketing to give maximum visibility to these hours of labor put into a project so that it does not get lost in the meanders of algorithms.

With my self-taught knowledge, I decided to undertake more serious studies in digital marketing management to give me the tools necessary for this new expertise that I was developing. I quickly found my place in this digital world within creation (who would have believed it). I understood the importance for a company to position itself on different digital platforms so that a brand shines to its full potential. After flirting with communications, I decided to enter the world of digital makerting agencies and it was with happiness that I found the Hamak family.

I don’t know how ready they were to discover my passion and my talents as a legendary choreographer (we will remember 1-2-3…). To give you an idea, I’m the kind of person who arrives in disguise at the Christmas party when I don’t know anyone (true story). Looks like I didn’t shock them too much.

Beyond the team spirit that reigns there and the laughter that we have, I love evolving in this environment where everyone’s strengths are put to good use for our clients. Within the agency, I am responsible for creating publication calendars, community management and writing newsletters. I even had the opportunity to use my experience as an actor for certain video advertising campaign mandates for the web. This new way of creating allows me to understand the influence of marketing performance for our clients. This pushes me to think and design strong brand images that have impact.

The future? I don’t know what he still looks like, I’m trying to live now. And now? It is filled with learning, enriching encounters, laughter, evolution, benevolence, creation and choreography (please note Revolution 2024?).

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