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Return to the NBA Finals?



What a great 2021-2022 season from the Heat. Fifth in defense in the country, Miami finished first in the East with 53 wins and 29 losses, its best performance since the era of the big three. Despite many injuries, the squad held up perfectly throughout the regular season, carried by a Kyle Lowry as an offensive maestro who quickly adapted to Florida and about whom little has been said. He helped a lot in the explosions of Max Strus and Gabe Vincenttwo very nice surprises from the Heat, and the perfect adaptation and use of P.J. Tucker. The weakness of the expected rotation has in fact become a strength and the very fine individual performances of each, as well as those of Caleb Martinallowed the Heat to resist all the adventures of the season. Erik Spoelstra perfectly managed his group, despite a small fight with Jimmy Butler (who had a season worthy of MVP before getting injured) and could very well have been the coach of the year. But the Heat’s individual season trophy was awarded Tyler Herro, author of an excellent season in sixth man with 20.7 pts on average and above all a good efficiency 3pts (40%). Dependent on his style and impact, Miami was able to take advantage of his scoring and small creation when the trio Lowry, Butler and bam was resting. The latter has had a monstrous defensive season even if everyone still expects a little more from him offensively. To note that Victor Oladipo played very little in the regular season and that Duncan Robinson, even if successful in shooting, was stung in his place by a Max Strus on fire and much more complete. Miami generally surprised a lot of people because if the defense was expected, the overall 3pts success on the season (first in the league with 38%), allowed much more spacing than expected and disturbed the opponents. Despite everything, several things had to be corrected before arriving in the playoffs … and in particular the numerous ball losses (almost 15 per game).

At the head of the East after having forced to finish in front, Miami very easily imposed itself against the Hawks in the first round, with a gentleman sweep, 4-1. With 30 points on average over the series, Jimmy Butler immediately laid the foundations for his playoffs while the overall defense (and especially Gabe Vincent) completely ate Trae Young, limited to 15.4 pts and more ball losses than assists decisive. Without too many worries, Miami therefore goes against the Sixers in the 2nd round. The latter did not actually have Joel Embiid on the start of the series, but despite everything, Miami seemed on top. The overall collective was very solid, limiting Philly to an offensive rating of 105, and very good offensively behind a Butler which allows them to afford a conference final against the Celtics. Despite everything, Miami arrives at this round extremely tight and with several physical glitches (which the Celtics also had). With a Jimmy Butler on one leg, a Kyle Lowry on one toe and increasingly elusive outside success, Miami can’t do it anymore. Despite everything, the Heat pushed Boston in 7 games (thanks to a masterclass from Butler in Game 6, one of the best games in Heat history) and Jimmy Butler could have sent his team to the Finals after a shot just missed in the last seconds. The superb season of the Heat therefore stops there, with a lot of frustrations but also a lot of satisfactions.

2021-2022 results: 53 wins – 29 losses


Draft : Nikola Jovic in 27

Departures: PJ Tucker (Philadelphia), Markieff Morris (Nets)


Leaders: Kyle Lowry, Gabe Vincent

Backs: Tyler Herro, Victor Oladipo, Marcus Garrett (TW)

Wingers: Jimmy Butler, Max Strus, Duncan Robinson

Strong wingers: Caleb Martin, Haywood Highsmith, Nikola Jovic, Darius Days (TW)

Pivots: Bam Adebayo, Omer Yurtseven, Dewayne Dedmon, Udonis Haslem

PG: Kyle Lowry OS: Tyler Herro FS: Jimmy Butler PF: Caleb Martin VS : Bam Adebayo

The Heat’s five majors are undoubtedly one of the best in the league, especially since Tyler Herro should start this year. Between Butler’s quasi-MVP level, a possible Bam Adebayo DPOY, Lowry who does the job (see if his personal concerns and his physique hold up) and Herro who will bring a lot of scoring, almost everything is complete. Only position 4, weakened by the loss of PJ Tucker, poses huge questions. Caleb Martin should have the job and even though he is small, he is quite capable of limiting the damage. The question is to know if he is able to bring positive or not and in particular to return his 3 to allow the others to have better lines of penetration.

Despite everything, Spoelstra has already said that nothing is blocked and that it is not impossible to see an Omer Yurtseven integrate the 5th side of Bam to have an imposing racket. If this is the case, many questions arise on how to make everything work, but the coaching staff find the right solution.

We obviously expect this starting five to be at least top 5 defensively, otherwise it will be complicated for Miami.

While we saw a as a weakness last year, it’s hard not to imagine a as a strength now. If Miami risks losing its number one weapon on the bench, the return of Oladipo can necessarily compensate for that. Especially since Gabe Vincent, an excellent defender who has shown great progress in creation and scoring will always be there to help lead. “Dipo” will be expected, especially on the number of games played but also for his defense and his ability to score. Will we be able to see part of the Oladipo from before?

The duo on the wing Strus-Robinson is still present and the first will necessarily have a lot of playing time if he is on the same level as last year in the outside shot, his ability to cut towards the circle and defend correctly. The second, which many people thought would be finished by early October, will be completely dependent on his level of 3pt shooting. If he started very badly last year (pressure from the new contract?) with 36% before the All-Star break, he made up for everything afterwards with 40% success afterwards. Unfortunately the rotation was already complete and Strus was doing just as well. But having such a weapon on the bench is always a wealth.

It will be necessary to watch Dedmon who should lose his place of 2nd rotation at the pivot for Yurtseven (if the latter does not start). The former hawk brings experience and will always be ready but it is not impossible to see him leave the team if ever a good offer appears. Nikola Jovic is still an uncertainty ct Heat. Will he play because the team needs people at the wing positions or will he go to the G-League to train quietly. Only Spoelstra has the answer at the moment.

  • PLAYER TO WATCH: Tyler Herro

Bam Adebayo could have been the player to follow because he announced again that he was going to be more aggressive and that’s what everyone expects of him, in addition to potentially going for a DPOY, but the player is scrutinizing everyone the sides will be Tyler Herro. Aurol of a brand new contract of 120M over 4 years, the back who wants to start after his title of sixth man of the year has a lot of pressure on his shoulders. Its floor level is very low but its ceiling level is very high. Which Tyler Herro will we have this season? The one who scores inefficiently and is expensive in defense or the one who does the minimum on his attacker, scores 20 pts 59% true shooting and is mentioned in the possible All Star? The range of possibilities is very important and he will have very little opportunity to pass by otherwise the fans could quickly ask that he be transferred next summer.

In the meantime, he’s a super important Miami profile and the only one who can really create his own shot outside of Jimmy Butler. When Miami has trouble attacking and Butler is absent or on the bench, a good part of the attack will depend on him and he will have to ensure that the Heat do not have some air pockets like it could have been. the case in the playoffs. He will also be expected at the end of the match, for his ability to take difficult shots and Miami will need him to be clutch.

defense. We hope, like last year, that Miami will be one of the best defenses in the country and there shouldn’t be too much doubt about that.

Staff coaching. Like every year, Spoelstra will do wonders and while waiting for the playoff clashes where he will show all his systems and adaptations, we can trust him to manage this group perfectly and make the right choices in his defensive system (even if he still has to work on his rotations).

The solidity of the major five.

The depth of the workforce.

The division. Yes, playing Orlando, Washington and Charlotte 4 times a year is a plus.

Udonis Haslem. (no, we’re kidding).

The ease of the workforce getting injured. Last year, Miami was one of the most injured teams, like in previous years. However, it shouldn’t be for the long haul otherwise tumbling down to the play-in would be a real possibility, especially if it’s Bam Adebayo.

The attack. The loss of balls and the 3 pts were worries in the playoffs. If the first was there all last season, the second was very interesting in the regular season. To see what Miami Heat will have us this year but if the Heat wants to hope to go to the end, it will be necessary to do better than 10th attack with such shortcomings on half-court.

Post 4 asking questions.

We see the Heat a little lower than last year, because doing better is impossible. With more competition and in particular the Bucks and Celtics who seem above, Miami will have the clear objective of being top 4 to have the advantage of the field in the first round. This is something that is completely achievable for us and we would put the Heat around 49 wins. Be careful all the same to manage everyone’s fatigue and minor injuries throughout the season to get in shape in the playoffs and from there, anything is possible. Also beware of the trade deadline where seeing the Heat move a little is not at all to be overlooked.

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