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Uberall supports restaurants in developing their digital marketing strategy.

Each month in France, more than 250,000 searches for “restaurants around me” or “restaurants nearby” are carried out on the Google search engine according to the Ahref SEO tool. The new challenge for restaurants is therefore to adopt an appropriate marketing strategy. However, many companies have underestimated the importance of this issue and are slow to position themselves on digital. In the restaurant industry, neglecting your online presence can have serious long-term consequences. Thus Uberall, publisher of hybrid customer experience platform, gives advice to help them optimize their Google referencing.

A better online presence to be a few clicks away from potential customers

A few years ago, consumers had to use their computer to locate a good address or a quality table. They therefore had to organize themselves beforehand. Nowadays, they rely more on their smartphone and thus are freer to be spontaneous, and to go to an establishment immediately after looking for it. It is therefore essential for restaurateurs to increase their digital visibility. Failure to do so means missing out on a curious clientele eager to discover and taste new cooking concepts. Creating a Google “My Business” listing is the essential starting point for any digital marketing strategy. The information must then be updated regularly: opening hours, menu, photos, of the establishment, telephone number, etc.

Optimize your marketing strategy in order to be found and selected

According to research carried out by Uberall, only 4% of business profiles in the HCR sector (Hotel, Café, Restaurant) are perfectly optimized on the two main professional directories (Google and Yelp). The optimization rate of a site is defined by its referencing and its position in the search results. If we take the example of Google, when a consumer performs a search, 3 options are offered to him, this is called the Google Local Pack. Of course, the user has the possibility of broadening his search and consulting more establishments. But the Moz study shows that users generally stop at the first three suggestions made by the search engine and never go beyond the first page.
In order to drive traffic to a restaurant, he needs to create a profile on all relevant online directories, GPS apps, social media and consumer sites and keep them up-to-date on each platform. Indeed, search engines attach great importance to the consistency of the information published. It is also advisable to put as much information as possible online to make life easier for your customers and improve organic SEO.

Generate reviews, comments to attract new customers and promote loyalty

Restaurants must also take into account that their online presence is dependent on the investment of their customers. Indeed, traffic also feeds on the ratings assigned, the volume of comments (both positive and negative), the response rate or exchanges on social networks… A high average score and well-managed reviews contribute to online referencing. Additionally, by responding to customers, a restaurant increases its chances of having them return.

To conclude

The restaurant must first create an online image and keep it up to date on all the platforms consulted by customers. But he must also interact with his customers: answer questions as quickly as possible, thank both positive and negative opinions and learn from them. He is also advised to invest in social networks by regularly offering attractive content that will arouse curiosity, exchange and therefore generate traffic.

About Uberall

Uberall serves the world’s most innovative companies to keep them relevant, competitive and profitable. Thanks to Uberall CoreX, the hybrid customer experience platform, they manage to conquer the hearts of their online customers and create traffic in store.
Uberall CoreX covers the entire customer journey, from online discovery and repeat purchases, to in-store visits and experience sharing. Uberall makes sure brands are discovered, stand out and delight their customers wherever they are. Founded in 2013, Uberall has 400 employees and partners with more than 1,850 multi-location companies in 170 countries.

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