release date, pre-order trailer... All the info

release date, pre-order trailer… All the info



NBA 2K23: release date, pre-order trailer... All the info

The next edition of NBA 2K honors Michael Jordan and his legendary number 23. An edition presented by a trailer and already open for pre-orders, although we still know little about its content.

[Mis à jour le 07 juillet 2022 à 15h41] NBA 2K is back for another annual release. The 2022-2023 season can be experienced in NBA 2K23, the latest iteration of 2K Games’ famous basketball simulation license. And this year, the game honors certain basketball stars in its various editions, including a certain number 23 of the Chigaco Bulls. The inevitable Michael Jordan is offered a major tribute by the American studio, which already offers two editions of the game in his image. Besides, NBA 2K23 already has a release date and is available for pre-order, while players are still waiting to find out what’s actually inside. All the info on the game a little further down.

The GOAT is back. The NBA 2K23 Michael Jordan Edition will honor the biggest star in basketball history, a tribute to the essential number 23, legend of the Chicago Bulls. If gameplay images are rare in this one-minute sequence, the sense of spectacle is not lacking and manages to tickle the excitement of game fans despite the quality of previous NBA 2K iterations. Indeed, the memory of a glorious NBA 2K11 floats in the memory, the last game from 2K Games to have honored the legendary back of the Chicago Bulls. Moreover, the 10 Jordan challenges should be back in this edition since 2K Games has been announced to have updated and modernized them for the occasion. If pre-orders for the game start on July 7, we will have to wait a little longer to find out more about its content.

A trailer is good, but gameplay is better. Information on NBA 2K23 is very limited at this time, apart from the fact that we know that the game will not be exclusively reserved for next-gen consoles. Information that is still worth its weight in peanuts since it gives a lot of information on the technical features of this next part of the license. NBA 2K23 should therefore not be graphically or technically revolutionary, but rather a love letter to basketball and its legends. Gameplay images and details of the 2023 edition should arrive very soon.

We told you a little above but there is information that we are currently sure about the content of NBA 2K23. The game will once again incorporate the Michael Jordan Challenges. These ten missions introduced in NBA 2K11 invite you to relive the most important moments of the career of the six-time NBA champion. We find there his famous playoff match against the Celtics in 1986, the NBA Finals in 1991 or his 69 points against the Cavaliers in 1990. 2K Games has confirmed that it wants to reintroduce these completely revisited challenges in NBA 2K23, and even offer new assignments. To be continued.

We told you just above, but we already know that we can pre-order NBA 2K23 from July 7th. An order that may have to be carried out blindly, as information on the game is currently limited. It is known that 2K23 will include a Michael Jordan Edition and a Championship Edition, although the latter is not expected to be released outside of the United States as it will contain one year of access to NBA TV broadcasts. As for the release date of NBA 2K23, the game will arrive in stores and on the web on next september 9directly on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

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