Raptors review roster between trips

Raptors review roster between trips



Between the training camp held in Victoria (next to Vancouver), an exhibition match in Edmonton, then another in Montreal, interspersed with two American trips to Boston and Houston, the Raptors are not idle during this preseason. . In fact, they even move more than in the regular season!

That said, Nick Nurse and his staff must still continue to prepare their troops for the marathon of the regular season, while refining the final contours of the final workforce.

“I would never complain about being the only Canadian team, but that also means that we have to play in other cities in the country and that causes a busy travel schedule”exposes Nick Nurse on Sportsnet. “We have to play against teams on American soil because most of them are there and the reality is that it’s not easy for them to come here, to Canada. In return, we must also go there to balance. It’s been a lot of traveling and long evenings already, but it’s going to be fine. »

Defeated last night for the second time in a row (2 wins – 2 losses in preseason), the Raptors seemed tired against Chicago. Their long distance address was again very problematic, like Fred VanVleet who finished 3/12 behind the arc. In the preseason, Toronto is running at a tiny 25%! The result of a cotton calendar to start the year, and then rather tough training to prepare for the rest.

Whose 15th place in the squad?

“We did things very differently than if it was the regular season. We put them to work hard in training when we got back from our trip to the West Coast. A very long and physical training before Boston because it is necessary to establish the spirit of the training camp. If it had been the regular season, it would have been completely different, but we want to give the guys the best possible physical preparation. »

If some, like Fred VanVleet or Scottie Barnes, are still looking for their cruising speed, the staff of Toronto was very satisfied with the services of Dalano Banton, who should inherit increased responsibilities. Last night, he signed a nice statistical line with 11 points, 5 rebounds, 2 assists in 17 minutes, off the bench.

“He looks so comfortable on the pitch, he plays at the pace he wants and he does a bit of everything, not just in defence. He pushes the ball well in transition. He keeps the team running well, running the systems. But he was really good in defense. It’s really noticeable, with his hands on the ball, to hinder the opponent’s dribble to sting the ball. With his length and instinct, he can steal a lot of balls. »

Among the players still in balance, we can mention Josh Jackson, Gabe Brown or Justin Champagnie. Each has already been able to show what he is capable of, but with only one guaranteed contract to give (considering that Dalano Banton has already locked his own), it will be necessary to fight until the end.

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