Raiders : Kaepernick, l'espoir d'un retour !

Raiders : Kaepernick, l’espoir d’un retour !



According ESPN and NFL Network, the 34-year-old quarterback, who has not trained with a team since 2017 and the end of his contract with the San Francisco 49ers, has completed several sessions this week with the Nevada team. In the past, Raiders owner Mark Davis said he would give his “blessing“if his club’s coaches wanted to sign Kaepernick.”I have to find my way back. So if I have to be taken as a substitute, I’ll be fine“, had declared the interested party a month ago in an interview broadcast on the podcast “I Am Athlete”. lost, Kaepernick had knelt several times during the national anthem to protest racial injustice. Other American athletes had done the same, throughout the following year, provoking the ire of Donald Trump, insults as a bonus.

The murder of George Floyd in May 2020 in Minneapolis reignited the anger of millions of protesters and the “Black Lives Matter” movement across the country. Kaepernick’s kneeling had then been rehabilitated. “I wish we had listened sooner to what you were kneeling for and trying to draw attention to“, said in 2020 the boss of the League, Roger Goodell, regretting the lack of his support of his instance towards Kaepernick. In the meantime, the player had filed a lawsuit against the NFL, accusing the owners of the teams of having heard to keep him out of the league. He eventually withdrew his complaint with a financial settlement, amounting to less than $10 million, according to various media outlets. According to him, if there was any reluctance to engage because of his protests, that should no longer be the case in today’s NFL.”There are + End to racism + painted in the end zones, + Black Lives Matter + written on the helmets. Everything I said should be in line with what the league stands for“, he argued in the show “I Am Athlete”.

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