Private Equity : favoriser la diversité, retenir les talents

promote diversity, retain talent



Big resignation, quest for meaning, professional/personal life balance, exponential salary demands… Beyond all the commonplaces that run through the world of private equity recruitment lies – perhaps – a complete renewal in the way of seal an employment contract between employer and employee? Were the “baby stars” of Private Equity above all looking for a “moral contract” where cheating is no longer gambling and, not keeping promises, a guarantee of resignation?

Where you don’t take part, you take off! What if promising a 6-figure salary was no longer enough to attract and retain talent? From now on, employees openly display their quest to adhere to the values ​​of their employer. “Finding yourself” at the heart of a business model, understanding and embodying your role within a company, being recognized in your rightful place… Have these become the new “dogmas” of the young guard of private equity?

Gone are the days of hiring promises and other “ESG washing”, how do you concretely address your teams and promote commitment with your employees?

On Wednesday October 19, Louisa Mesnard, CMO of Elaïa Partners and Claude Calmon, Head of Executive Search at Calmon Partners invite you to participate in their Fireside Talk during the next Private Equity Exchange.

The subject ? “Private Equity: promoting diversity, retaining talent”

“A balance that we know well within Calmon Partners Executive Search” indicates Arthur du Mesnil, Head of Corporate Finance of the recruitment firm.

In recent months, the headhunter specializing in finance has seen requests from private equity funds increase to 70% of investments. “Some of our clients ask us to give them priority in presenting profiles of women in front and middle office positions. »

This “ladies first” PE version now represents one out of three recruitments within the firm. “But this is not the only movement that we can see, continues Arthur du Mesnil. Over the past three months, three funds that we support have chosen to integrate talent from Luxembourg with a more pan-European quality of execution. We have also sent offers for positions with more senior profiles than usual for large regional cities (Nantes, Lyon, etc.) where Private Equity seems to want to consolidate its offer. »

Is the previously highly codified universe of investment funds adapting to the new appetites of its talents by including more international profiles or by promoting careers beyond a certain Parisianism?

“These trends that we detect come above all from the candidates. In general, the balance of power has reversed: the talents we support no longer hesitate to give priority to their quality of life to the detriment, sometimes, of their level of remuneration. »

Is the hunt for big names to be aligned on the CV thus on the way out?

“The classic business school course + Big Four + major investment fund with a storefront in the Parisian golden triangle still has the force of law,” smiles the headhunter.

“However, it is true that after 3 or 4 years of career we detect a certain willingness to take risks among the candidates. They display their ambition to increase their skills and do not hesitate to change their structure to do so. Beyond the brand offered by their future employer, they scrutinize the degree of exposure they will have in transactions as well as with investments. »

And if the promises are not kept, the new recruits would no longer hesitate to regain their freedom. Supporting them in taking up their position by offering more than the classic “on boarding” would be crucial to retain them…

An issue that will be raised among many others next Wednesday, October 19.

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