Preview Celtics - Sixers: it's the recovery, NBA IS BACK BABY!

Preview Celtics – Sixers: it’s the recovery, NBA IS BACK BABY!



Do you feel them like us? But yes, these little shivers that run down your spine when the NBA and therefore the most beautiful sport in the world make their official return. It’s been itching for weeks, months, and we’re finally there: at 1:30 a.m., the Celtics will host the Sixers for an opener that promises sparks and a lot of joy. WE ARE BACK BABY!

Joel Embiid, James Harden, Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown and so on… What beautiful names for the opening of the 2022-23 NBA season. Well, we knew about the poster for a long time but you even know it’s different, we’re finally there and the months of waiting are now only hours. They know how to do that well in the NBA, put up posters of the fire of God from the first evening to impress even more the viewers who basically wanted to spend a quiet night and watch the summary the next day nicely at breakfast while sipping a coffee much too strong elsewhere. How not to have your eyes fixed on this first poster which will oppose two enormous fish of the Eastern Conference in a TD Garden armored and ready to explode? Indeed, complicated.

On the one hand, a Boston team coming out of a magnificent season that ended at the gates of the title, and on the other a Philadelphia team coming out of a much less magnificent season and very far from any door whatsoever. We’re tough on our friends at the Sixers, but this season could be an opportunity to take revenge on all our bad predictions and criticisms of this team’s ability to shine. In short, there’s a whole preview made for that, let’s focus on tonight’s game instead.

The Sixers will arrive in mode ekip complete since they have (for once) no absence to deplore, while the Celtics will have to compose without Danilo Gallinari, on whom it will not be necessary to count for many months, but especially without Robert Williams III, who must recovering from his last knee operation. An absence that will be felt directly since the ogre Embiid will surely want to walk on the Celtics racket and that Al Horford would not have said no to a little help from Time Lord. Blake Griffin or even Luke Kornet could see the floor a bit to try to send some meat on Jojo and prevent Horford from getting too burned, and it will also be an opportunity to see Malcolm Brogdon make his debut for Boston, ditto for PJ Tucker in the opposing camp.

Even if the challenge of the match is not huge and it will represent only one defeat out of 82 games for the loser, both teams must want to win this meeting more than anything. Already because it’s the first game of the season, and it’s always good to start with a good victory just to have a smile on the face of the restart, but above all because the two teams will be direct competitors at the end of the year when the noose will be tightened and the slightest victory will be able to gain the advantage of the field in the Playoffs. And that’s not to mention the historic rivalry that has hovered between these two franchises for more than fifty years…

You will understand, no other choice than to watch the first game of this brand new NBA season version 2022-23. A magnificent Boston Celtics – Philadelphia 76ers at 1h30 (it passes) at the TD Garden before traveling to San Francisco at 4h from the sbah? It’s a big yes. We are more than ready to fight, and our little finger tells us that Jayson Tatum too.

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