Près de Montpellier : Baillargues inaugure l’un des meilleurs complexes dédiés aux sports urbains d’Europe


(©City of Baillargues)

Saturday July 2, the City of Baillargues inaugurated its new urban sliding complex, located near the future Gérard Bruyère park. An important project which contributes to reinforce the attractiveness of the municipality and in particular its offer turned around the sports, particularly ambitious.

The inauguration, which took place in the presence of Jean-Luc Meissonier (Mayor of Baillargues) and the Vice-President of the Occitanie Region, Kamel Chibli made it possible to recall the importance of physical activity and soft mobility in our daily lives. Hurricanethe organizing company of the FISE was present and also offered, for the occasion, initiations as well as demonstrations by professional riders Nathan Ravier, Sacha Fesquet, Lucas Vincent and Alex Jumelin.

The mayor of Baillargues, Jean-Luc Meissonnier and the rider Alex Jumelin.
The mayor of Baillargues, Jean-Luc Meissonnier and the rider Alex Jumelin (on the right). (©City of Baillargues)

Complete the sports offer

“In order to complete its sports offer, the city of Baillargues wanted to create a multimodal urban sliding complex that meets the needs of a young public who love sliding sports by creating an attractive place for exchanges”, recalled Jean- Luc Meissonnier, listing the possibilities offered by this complex: scooters (the most popular sport in skate parks), but also rollerblading, skateboarding and BMX (disciplines appearing in the Olympic Games).

For the record, labeled “Terre de jeux 2024” as part of the next Olympic Games to be held in Paris, Baillargues and its new sliding complex have been selected as the training center for the Olympics. Equipment of this quality therefore became essential! Video report by Arnaud Boularand.

Project overview

This complex, which is part of an approach aimed at encouraging physical activity while democratizing urban sports practices and promoting exchanges between populations, in complete safety, is part of a site comprising 3 practical areas.

– a pump track made up of several complementary and interconnected loops, meeting the needs of practitioners who do not have specific equipment for sliding or landing (freestyle scooter, street BMX, street inline skating or street skateboarding) and open to all gear wheels (from balance bikes to longboards, including fitness skates and mountain bikes).

– an acrobatic area of ​​around 1,350 m2, optimized for freestyle scooters, versatile for other urban sliding sports with an emphasis on acrobatics (BMX and rollerblading), allowing competition at all levels.

Videos: currently on Actu
On the street area, place for the most spectacular acrobatics.
On the street area, place for the most spectacular acrobatics. (©City of Baillargues)

– a 200 m2 bowl positioned on a large platform connected to the raised platform of the acrobatic area, it offers two depths (1m50 and 2m), 3 hips and at least 6m of linear coping on the deepest part. It completes the practice offer for all urban sliding sports and increases the versatility of the site by allowing the organization of skateboarding events.

Overall cost of the project: €1,388,830 excluding tax, including €270,000 of subsidy granted by the Occitanie Region.

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