Plus de vingt sports réunis au stade Marcombes de Clermont-Ferrand pour les cent ans du CUC

Plus de vingt sports réunis au stade Marcombes de Clermont-Ferrand pour les cent ans du CUC



A very generous sun, nearly 150 volunteers on the job, a Philippe-Marcombes stadium filled with smiles and cries: the Clermont University Club’s “open day” this Saturday, June 11, looked like what the leaders imagined: a moment of celebration , sharing and promotion of sport.

The meeting was part of the centenary celebrations of the CUC, which could not take place last year.


For the occasion, the eleven sports associations and the six centers of activity that make up the club were embodied on the various playgrounds of Marcombes. Here a demonstration of aikido, there an introduction to climbing, in the middle the discovery of original sports such as spike ball or Gaelic football.

In Clermont-Ferrand, the CUC omnisports joins the centenarians club (October 2021)

Juggling between his headset and his phone, director Jonathan Martin was one of those running around. But with the serenity of duty accomplished. “Ten years ago, I was the first employee of the club. At the time, I had my sights set on this centenary and the objective of professionalizing the CUC. I believe that we have succeeded…”

The Clermont University Club now has five employees and relies on a dozen people on part-time fixed-term contracts. Not to mention the hundred or so facilitators and six sports coaches mobilized during the year. All for a number of members who, little by little, are returning to pre-Covid levels, namely 3,000.


It remains now not to dwell on the past and to look ahead. Both a sports festival and a showcase for the CUC, Saturday could as such create some vocations and generate membership. Within the associations of the CUC omnisports but also with the CUC leisure and holidays which, recalls the director, is aimed at children but also at adults. To find out, this is where it happens.

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Text: Thierry Senzier
Photos: Francis Campagnoni


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