Perpignan: the influence marketing agency Agently is developing and setting up its premises in Paris


The marketing agency specializing in influence is moving to Paris.
The Agently team also organizes events to bring content creators together. (©DR)

After more than two years of launching on Catalan soil, the two PerpignanMartin Buzan and Louis Carboneill, creators of the influencer marketing agency Agentlyleave their home town to join the capital city. The two partners are moving to Paris, to seize more opportunities and meet their clients more easily. Interview with Martin Buzan.

News: That’s it, are you leaving Perpignan to set up your premises in Paris?

Martin Buzan: Yes, from September, after a few well-deserved vacations. The Agently agency had also been established in Paris for a year with a team there, but there we are moving all the staff to the capital, in order to develop. My partner, Louis Carboneill is doing a master’s degree at the Neoma Business School, which provides us with co-working spaces, and today, we were also waiting for our resources to allow us to do so, for it to be the right time. We will manage a team of 10 people at the start of the school year, so a team that is growing because we were 5 at the most since the launch. It is also a great challenge in terms of management.

What are the objectives of such a change?

MB: Getting closer to customers, because today some are in Paris and if we get closer to them, everything will speed up. It also means making ourselves available to content creators, if they need support, we’ll be there. But also to find collaborators, it will be easier to be in Paris.

How was Agently born?

MB: Agently was born during confinement from a simple observation, we set foot in the world of influence marketing and we realized that content creators needed support to really provide them with a framework and the concepts they lacked. It’s true that a content creator today will have this creative side but not the ancillary aspects which are super important. A good creator who does not know how to sell himself cannot do anything. We had this knowledge, so we thought why not start an agency? It was also the time when Tik Tok was exploding, with increasingly young profiles, who increasingly need support.

How did you get started in this environment?

MB: We started with a profile with 3000 subscribers, to manage it, to put it in contact with several brands. For 6 months we focused on creators to network. Today, we manage profiles that have more than 4 million subscribers on the networks. And then we focused on customers to provide them with turnkey strategies. We work with brands like Caudalie, L’Oréal, Paysans bretons, Havaianas…and we’re working on great projects.

Who are you targeting to stick to Agently’s image?

MB: We are going to have the content creator who will be able to talk about sport and who will talk about it well, the one who will talk about vegan food… We try to sort out to stick as closely as possible to our image. The goal is to have enough influencers to target the one who will talk about it the best, for a specific and client-targeted strategy. Today with Agently, there are two windows: content creators with fifteen exclusives, and more specific profiles with more than 500 profiles in our portfolio, French but also international profiles, to respond to all sectors. Among them, the influencers Bastos, Studio Danielle, Pierre Croce, Benjamin Verrecchia, Ogee… Obviously today, the objective is to transform the punctual into exclusives and it will happen quickly…

Videos: currently on Actu

Show that influencer marketing is not just about reality TV, Dubai, lack of punctuality.

Martin BuzanCreator of Agently

What are the agency’s plans?

MB: Our goal is to develop in the sports niche, particularly rugby, for content creators. For the brands, Paris for us is a transition, but we still have more distant objectives which are to develop internationally between the Asian continent and the American continent with whom we have already started working. We also want to add production to the creations of influencers. Doing this in the most rigorous and professional way possible to really show that influencer marketing is not just about reality TV, Dubai, lack of punctuality. We don’t just sell stories. Today we hire photographers, videographers, we will think about concepts, strategies. We entered this niche to support influencers, to erase the negative connotation that may exist, which is true for some creators, but not those with whom we work.

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