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ssWhile the NBA schedule for the 2022-23 season should drop on Wednesday according to Marc Stein of The Stein Line, some key posters for the next campaign have already been revealed via the insiders. Tip-off, Christmas Day, tempting remakes… we take stock of everything we already know, and there is already quite a bit to get your teeth into.

Season opening

Inevitably, when we talk about the most anticipated games of the season, theopening night holds a special place in our hearts of fans then in lack of orange ball. This season, on the evening of October 18as usual, we will be entitled to two rather attractive posters on paper: Lakers Warriors in Golden State with the ring ceremony, and Sixers-Celtics in Boston. One could almost make a troubling parallel by saying that each of the two finalists will face a team that disappointed last year, and in which a James is paired with a dominant interior. How come we’re still waiting for proof for AD?

christmas day

We told you about it a few days ago, but the program for December 25th next is normally known with five meetings on the program: Bucks-Celtics, Sixers Knicks, Suns Nuggets, Lakers-Mavericks and Grizzlies-Warriors. We can clearly speak of a very spicy menu which is however not really to Trae Young’s taste. But above all, we are delighted to learn that the Heat is a curling team. Giannis vs Tatum, Embiid vs Brunson – we are very serious – Booker vs Jokic, LeBron vs Luka and Ja vs Draymond Stephen? Yeah, we’re still not going to complain either.

Special posters

Admittedly, some meetings are special because of their programming date, as may be the case in the two previous categories, but sometimes it’s more the poster itself that makes the date in question important to us. Example ? The December 10 and January 19 next. There, you normally tell yourself that these are two normal days, uneventful, and you will be told no. Why ? Well quite simply because these are the evenings where the two remakes of the last NBA Finals will take place between Warriors and Celtics. The first game will take place at Golden State while the second will logically be at TD Garden in Boston. Be sure to tell your grandmothers to circle these dates on their calendar bought from the firefighters, because you clearly shouldn’t miss these two meetings when the day comes.

Another memorable confrontation from the last Playoffs, anyone? Well, don’t hesitate to remember the date of October 19 to attend a Mavericks-Suns already highly VERY anticipated in Phoenix. Adam Silver is still a smart guy. To note that it will be for the two franchises of their season opener, the first game of the 82 that awaits them, or even more if neither team completely screws up their 2022-23 campaign. The next day, either October 20we will also have the chance to see the first duel of LA take place between Clippers and Lakers at the Arena at the Staples Center. The hype is total, since it will normally be the first time that the LeBron-AD and PG-Kawhi duos will face each other since December 22, 2020. So? Does it heat you up?

Comeback to be continued

Each season, we always have the right to one or more games expected because synonymous with the return of a player to a franchise that he was able to score in one way or another. Of course, if you haven’t lived in a cave for the past few months, you can well imagine that we are talking here in particular about the return of Rudy Gobert to Utah. Well know that the latter is planned for the December 9, although it is not the first meeting organized against his former team. Since the 21st of Octobera first Jazz Wolves will be played in Minnesota, for our greatest pleasure. Well, it’s not a crazy return either because the boy never had the aura of the Gobe in this city, but we can still note that the return of Jalen Brunson to Dallas is planned for the December 27. A little Knicks-Mavericks which will therefore be the first game of the two franchises after their appearance on Christmas Day, enough to continue the festivities for a few more days.

International matches

These are probably the two posters that we have known the longest since it is important to organize the thing well. In line with its desire to become ever more international, the NBA continues to relocate certain meetings with two games scheduled abroad (we do not count Toronto of course). As a reminder, the first of them will be a historical remake between Heat and Spurs in Mexico City on December 17while the second will be… another historical remake between Pistons and Bulls in Paris (!) on January 19. On paper, we can therefore go to the Accor Hotel Arena to see the meeting and then return home and see a Warriors-Celtics in Boston at the end of the evening. Isn’t life beautiful?

And for those in a hurry, here is a summary of everything we have just seen, in chronological order:

  • October 18: Sixers-Celtics/Lakers-Warriors
  • October 19: Mavericks-Suns
  • October 20: Clippers-Lakers
  • 21st of October : Jazz Wolves
  • December 9: Wolves-Jazz
  • December 10: Celtics Warriors
  • December 17: Spurs Heat
  • December 25th : Bucks-Celtics / Sixers-Knicks / Suns-Nuggets / Lakers-Mavericks / Grizzlies-Warriors
  • December 27: Knicks-Mavericks
  • January 19: Pistons-Bulls / Warriors-Celtics

We should certainly not be long in knowing the complete schedule for the next season, but that is no reason not to start noting down which meetings will interest us in particular from the month of October. Here is already a first list of what there is to know, treat yourself.

Text source: The Athletic / NBC Sports / Hoops Hype

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