our advice and the best sites in 2022

our advice and the best sites in 2022



The new 2022/2023 NBA season kicks off on Tuesday, October 18 with 30 teams on the starting line as they battle for the title after more than 2,460 regular season games. Will the Golden State Warriors keep the Larry O’Brien Trophy? Who will finish top scorer, rebounder or passer? Here are all our tips for making an NBA bet.

NBA betting: bet on the future champion and the winners of conferences and divisions

The NBA season is nearly 3,000 games, play-offs combined, from October to June, with 30 teams in two conferences and 6 divisions. Here are the different types of NBA team bets you can make:

Bet on the future NBA champion 2022/2023

This is the most common NBA bet, that of betting on the future winner of the NBA Finals! It is never easy to find the team that will lift the Larry O’Brien trophy in June, with always several teams capable of winning, as well as surprise teams that we did not expect. So take the time to think things through before you start!

Who will emerge victorious from the Eastern and Western Conference?

The NBA is 2 conferences, the East and the West, with 15 teams each. At the end of the regular season, the first 8 teams from each conference will compete in turn to ultimately designate the 2 winners from each conference who will compete in the NBA Finals. Here too, it is never easy to bet on the teams that will emerge victorious, but the interesting odds could make you look sweet when placing your NBA bet.

Sports betting on the 6 division winners

If the NBA is 2 conferences to distribute the 30 teams, these same conferences are also divided into 6 divisions of 5 teams: Atlantic, Central, South East, North West, Pacific and South West. Each division will have its winner at the end of the season and its banner displayed at the top of its room. It may be easier to bet on division winners, with differences in level which can facilitate sports betting.

NBA betting: individual performances as a red thread

If making NBA bets on the future winners requires patience and waiting until the end of the season to know the results, then turn to other, more targeted types of NBA bets. Overview of the possibilities available to you:

NBA bet: bet on the best scorer, rebounder, passer and blocker of the season

If you are not tempted to bet on the NBA franchises, then you will have the possibility of betting on the player who will finish best scorer, best rebounder, best passer, best blocker and best interceptor of the season. Not an easy task, as the competition is increased, but always exciting!

NBA bets on a game

For NBA betting fans who want to be able to play every night, then for each game of the season, you can place an NBA bet on the winner of the match, the difference between the 2 teams, the number of points scored for each team or in total, the game’s leading scorer, number of points scored for a player, rebounds, assists or steals. So many possibilities that will be offered to you during each night!

NBA online betting: 5 sites to make your sports bets

Now that you know what types of NBA bets are available to you, it’s time to see which sites can make them. Here are our 5 sports betting sites that we recommend:

  • Netbet
  • Zebet
  • Unibet
  • Winamax
  • Betclic


Netbet will offer you a very interesting sports catalog. Reliable and secure, its regular promotions will satisfy you. We can only advise you to make your NBA bet.


Taking more and more space on the French market, Zebet has become a key player in the field of sports betting. Secure and with the odds to match, it will be a reliable partner.


Unibet becomes one of the favorite bookmakers of the French. Reliable and intuitive, the site is easy to use. Its odds are good and its wide selection of sports is another draw. Unibet is our favorite for making your NBA bets.


Winamax, is it just poker? Well no ! First known for poker, Winamax has made its mark to the point of becoming the bookmaker offering the best odds on the market. A safe and secure site to place an NBA bet without fear.


A wide selection of sports, responsive customer service, regular promotions and a reliable site make Betclic a solid and reliable bookmaker. Placing NBA bets throughout the season will be a pleasure on this site.

NBA betting: our advice for choosing the right bookmaker for you

We have just unveiled 5 sites where you can make your sports bets for the 2022/2023 NBA season. Now, before you get started, here are our most valuable tips for making your NBA bet:

Site security

Whatever your choice of bookmaker, the most important will be the security of the site. Because don’t forget that to make your NBA bet, you will have to pay money into your player account. And in order to avoid any fraud, a secure site is highly recommended.

A sports catalog provided

If the NBA will occupy you most of the time, you may be tempted to make other sports bets during the season. Sports that suit you will then be a priority!

Interesting odds, the sinews of war

Your goal will be to earn money while having fun. Good odds will then be necessary! Do not hesitate to compare the odds between each bookmaker to choose the one that has the odds that will suit you best for your NBA bets.

Responsive customer service

Even if we hope never to need customer service, it is nevertheless important that the bookmaker offers a responsive and competent one. Even for a simple question, a quick answer will be expected and you will appreciate!

Regular promotions

To keep you among their customers, the bookmaker will often offer you promotions and bonuses to entice you to try different sports bets with more winnings on arrival. A sign-up bonus can also be a criterion of your choice.

NBA Betting Frequently Asked Questions

Despite all our advice and explanations, some questions about your NBA bets remain unanswered and you have not found answers in our article. So here are some questions/answers that may still be in your mind:

How to make your first NBA bet?

You will have to follow these steps which will only take you a few minutes:

  • Follow the bookmaker’s registration procedure
  • Deposit money into your player account
  • Choose the sport you want, then the meeting you are interested in
  • Place your NBA bet then cross your fingers!

Is there a minimum amount for each deposit?

Yes. Each bookmaker imposes a minimum deposit amount at the time of your registration and even after each deposit made. This amount can vary between €5 and €10.

What payment methods are used by bookmakers?

You want to make your 1er NBA bet, but you will first need to deposit money into your account! To do this, here is a list of payment methods offered by the majority of betting sites:

  • PayPal
  • Credit card (visa, Mastercard and credit card)
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Paysafecard (prepaid card)
  • Google Pay
  • Apple Pay
  • Bank transfer.

Is a license required for a bookmaker to operate in France? ?

Yes. Each bookmaker mentioned in our article had to obtain the ANJ license allowing it to operate throughout France.

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