Norman Powell 13 octobre 2022

Norman Powell scored 32 more points than Nikola Jokic



Only three more nights of pre-season to contend with, some will say it’s time for it to stop, but here we prefer to take what we’re given and gargle with these meetings which don’t mean much but which offer us sometimes funny stories to tell. Tonight ? A few more nice perfs so we recap all that for you.

The results of the night

Some big posters tonight including a teaser of the 2023 Eastern Conference Finals, Bucks – Nets, and another of the 2024 Eastern Conference Finals, Cavs – Hawks. We are like that, we position ourselves. Giannis Antetokounmpo in any case showed last night that he was not such a dominant player as we wanted to say (6/21 shooting), while the KD / Irving duo continues to warm up and that Ben Simmons is on track to average 14 assists this season. Among younger people? Darius Garland and Donovan Mitchell were not particularly skilful but always more than Trae Young (3/17) and it is therefore the Cavs who are positioning themselves (not at all) for this famous final of very clearly imaginary conf.

In other games? We overkiffé Obi Toppin but opposite it is the so-called Nembhard and, above all, el crackito Bennedict Mathurin who put the smile on our face with 27 pawns, we saw the Hornets take the fourth of their 70 defeats of the season and Bam Adebayo and Tyler Herro took care of the Pelicans. At the end of the night the Lakers offered us a new lineup with, this time, Lonnie Walker associated with Russell Westbrook and Pat Bev on the backcourt, LeBron James stuck 25 and Anthony Davis dominated below even if Naz Reid took himself for Wilt Chamberlain in the first half and if Luka Garza has nothing to envy to Stephen Curry. In Phoenix the Suns had left everyone at rest, Duane Washington showed up with 31 pawns and… 11 lost balls, and suddenly the Kings took the opportunity to consolidate their status as the best all-time team in the NBA between July and october. In Denver to finish, John Wall only played 10 minutes but looks REALLY fit and he ate popcorn in the middle of the fourth quarter, Norman Powell stuck 34 on 200% shooting while Nikola Jokic looked- he decided not to take any shots before the start of the regular season and that Moussa Diabaté overtook Jordan and Carter to become the best dunker in history.

The Top 10 of the night

Some pictures from the night

Tonight’s program:

  • 1am: Pistons – Grizzlies
  • 2 a.m.: Spurs – Thunder

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