Nicolas Arpagian, Trend Micro: improving ISS management improves compliance

Nicolas Arpagian, Trend Micro: improving ISS management improves compliance



The Assises will be an opportunity for Trend Micro to present the unified platform Trend Micro One which facilitates the management of security by taking into account all the digital environments of companies and communities: messaging, servers, applications, cloud… During its conference Trend Micro will emphasize the protection of industrial environments. Nicolas Arpagian, Director Cybersecurity Strategy of Trend Micro considers that by making security management legible, we also improve the process of compliance with increasingly extensive legal specifications.

Global Security Mag: What are you going to present at the Assises de la Sécurité?

Nicolas Arpagian: The Assises de la Sécurité are an additional opportunity for our teams to meet our customers and prospects to listen to them and inform them of our technological advances in cybersecurity. This is particularly the case with our unified Trend Micro One platform, which facilitates security management by taking into account all the digital environments of companies and communities: messaging, servers, applications, cloud instances, etc. corresponds to the demand for legibility of the protection status of organizations and to the diversity of equipment that makes up the digital space of private and public entities.

GS Mag: What will be the theme of your conference this year?

Nicolas Arpagian: Regulatory constraints, business specificities of the industrial world and essential continuity of services specific to nuclear activities: with Julien Dreano, CISO of the Framatome group, we will explain the methods of protection of a particularly demanding environment which will be able to inspire many CISOs involved in other sectors, particularly industrial ones. From EDR solutions to virtual patching and solutions adapted to historical installations to guarantee them the best level of protection, we will also address the strategic issues to come.

GS Mag: What are the main threats that you were able to identify in 2022?

Nicolas Arpagian: In addition to the industrialization of ransomware attacks that has characterized the past few months, we are devoting significant resources to the detection of Zero Day vulnerabilities, which constitute the most critical threats to information systems. Trend Micro is by far the largest contributor to the Zero Day Initiative, which brings together the world’s leading community to identify these undocumented technical weak points.

GS Mag: What about business needs?

Nicolas Arpagian: We strive to constantly develop our security solutions in order to allow them to be integrated under the best possible conditions within the information systems of companies, whatever their size and their field of activity. Our recognized know-how in securing industrial equipment and software of different versions that can coexist within private and public organizations, makes it possible to build cybersecurity systems that adapt perfectly to the reality of the digital situation of our clients. This is important to control the deadlines and budgets of an effective cybersecurity policy. By making security management clearer, this also improves the process of compliance with increasingly comprehensive legal specifications.

GS Mag: With the pandemic, telework and its security have become essential today. How do you integrate these principles into your business and your offer?

Nicolas Arpagian: We have always conceived the conduct of our technical and commercial activities as relying on a work environment and secure connections to enable our teams to work on a daily basis in the best conditions. We take care to adapt our solutions to the present and future needs of our customers, whose organizational methods change regularly.

GS Mag: What is your advice on the matter, and more generally to limit the risks?

Nicolas Arpagian: After a precise mapping of digital assets and means of communication, it is a question of setting up a capacity to detect inappropriate uses of information systems in the plurality of technical environments that now make up the perimeter of companies. The sequencing of IT architectures, the analysis of scenarios for the use of digital assets and the identification of the modus operandi of international cybercriminal groups constitute operational means for strengthening the level of overall security of organizations. We provide the technical and informational elements to help the ISS teams very concretely to carry out their missions.

GS Mag: Finally, what message would you like to convey to CISOs?

Nicolas Arpagian: Whether it’s protecting your technical environments from various generations, supporting the security of your industrial programs, ensuring the management of your connected objects or controlling the multitude of applications necessary for production or marketing, we are able to offer the appropriate combination of the best technical solutions, as praised by the main international analysis firms: Forrester, Gartner, IDC… In view of the results obtained, it is worth the It is difficult to allow us to place the appropriate tools in your projects to ensure the security of your activity.

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