NFL : Aaron Donald devient le joueur défensif le mieux payé de l'histoire

NFL : Aaron Donald devient le joueur défensif le mieux payé de l’histoire



Rumors have it that Aaron Donald is retiring, but he instead chose to restructure his contract to become the highest-paid non-quarterback player in NFL history.

That’s what Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network reported during the day on Monday.

The new agreement with the Los Angeles Rams guarantees him $65 million over the next two seasons and $95 million after the 2024 season. In total, Donald will receive an additional $40 million over the next three seasons.

Donald had flirted with the idea of ​​stepping away from the game after winning Super Bowl LVI. He even said he would return if the Rams brought back key players like Von Miller and Odell Beckham, but Miller signed in Buffalo and Beckham still hasn’t signed.

Donald was named an NFL All-Star seven times, in addition to eight Pro Bowl selections. The defensive end is also a three-time MVP honour, in addition to being named an NFL Defensive Rookie in 2014.

The highest earners in the NFL next season:

1. Aaron Rodgers (GB) $50.272M

2. Deshaun Watson (CLE) $46M

3. Patrick Mahomes (KC) $45M

4. Josh Allen (BUF) $43m

5. Derek Carr (LV) $40.5M

6. Matthew Stafford (LAR) $40m

6. Dak Prescott (DAL) $40M

8. Russell Wilson (DEN) $35M

8. Kirk Cousins ​​(MIN) $35M

10. Jared Goff (DET) $33.5M

11. Carson Wentz (WAS) $32M

12. Aaron Donald (LAR) $31.6M ***

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