La superstar NBA des Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron James, pourrait être appelée à changer de poste selon une légende de la franchise

New position for LeBron James?! The radical solution mentioned!



In a preseason made to perform these kinds of tests, the Lakers have been fumbling a lot with their starting five. One position is a point of contention in particular, and could be occupied by LeBron James according to a franchise icon!

Is it better to have a priority and obvious option for each position, or several of the same ilk? Everyone defends their point of view on the subject in the NBA, which keeps the debate open. In the meantime, the Lakers seem to be more in the second category of teams, with a five major still far from being defined. Several gray areas remain to be clarified for Darvin Ham.

The most blatant and mentioned in recent days is of course that which surrounds the role of titular leader. Following the benching of Russell Westbrook during the Angelinos’ last preparation match, Patrick Beverley could therefore hold the rope to join the starting lineup. However, this is not the only question that runs through the mind of the Purple & Gold coach, not helped by one of his stars.

LeBron James shifted to position 5 because of Anthony Davis?

Used several times as a pivot during the pre-season, Anthony Davis signed pretty performances there, and apparently convinced his coach to leave him there. Gold, his recent incendiary exit on this point clearly put the lead in the wing to this plan. Latest podcast guest The CrossoverRobert Horry therefore expressed his annoyance with the Unibrow, which he thinks he can satisfy… by using LeBron James:

They should label him power forward and label LeBron James as pivot. And hop, like that, no more problem! I think it’s the pivot label that he doesn’t like. But after all, it’s not you who wants to show your versatility? If you are called a strong winger, do you feel better?

You don’t need a degree to discern Big Shot Rob’s edge of anger towards AD.

According to the seven-time NBA champion, The Brow would actually have no reason to complain about a shift in position 5, since the adversity he would encounter there would be fully within his reach:

What kingpin should he be afraid of in the West? None. No Jokic. Steps from the Stifle Tower (Rudy Gobert). There is no one in the West who is able to defend against you. (…) There aren’t even really any positions in the NBA anymore. Each team uses the same systems. Your position on the pitch doesn’t matter, so just get on the court and play!

Failing to want to occupy this place, LBJ would eventually be able to do so, he who had just impressed Horry in this role when he has been busy for the past few months!

After having already helped out as a pivot in the absence of Anthony Davis last year, could LeBron James be called upon to do the same this season at the Lakers? This is what Robert Horry imagines, clearly frustrated by the behavior of AD!

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