Les stars NBA Donovan Mitchell, Bradley Beal et James Harden à l'occasion du All-Star Game 2021

“Never in my life have I built a contender around this superstar”



Some players may be very strong, but they are not necessarily able to lead their own to titles. According to a former colossus, this applies in particular to a big name in the West, in the midst of trade rumors. The findings are startling.

Five years after his arrival, the adventure of Donovan Mitchell at the Jazz is probably coming to an end. After several repeated failures in the playoffs, the Mormons are heading for a big reconstruction, having already traded Rudy Gobert. The fullback should be next on the list, and the Knicks and the Heat are notably cited as contenders for him. A priori, he will therefore join a big market for the first time in his career.

With his insane qualities in storage, Spida would be a strong addition for anyone wishing to fight for the title. But can he then be the boss of the squad? On this, opinions are much more divided. Asked about the subject, Kendrick Perkins clearly answered in the negative. According to him, the guard is not yet at this stage, the many disappointments with Salt Lake City being the perfect example. The 2008 champion did not hold back his shots:

Kendrick Perkins ultra-cash on Donovan Mitchell

Am I building a franchise around him? Absolutely not. No disrespect to Donovan Mitchell, I think he’s a terrific player. But is he a player capable of being a number one option for a contender? Can he take his franchise to the NBA Finals, and maybe even win the title? No way.

Just think of the Utah Jazz and why they got there. Why did they have to blow up the team? Why did they have to trade Rudy Gobert, three-time Defensive Player of the Year? They had to because time and time again we’ve seen the Jazz go into the regular season, have a lot of success, but in the playoffs they fail to go far, they disappoint.

Donovan Mitchell was supposed to take them to the top. We have seen what Stephen Curry did, we saw what Jayson Tatum did when he had to go win in Milwaukee. He scored 46 points over Giannis to tie the series, before taking Boston to the Finals. When I look at the best players in the NBA and look for guys I want to build a franchise around, Donovan Mitchell’s name doesn’t fall into that category.

It’s hard to be clearer than Kendrick Perkins, who doesn’t think Donovan Mitchell already has the shoulders to be a franchise player fighting for the title. He has the abilities and the potential, but he is not yet at the same level as the top of the league.

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