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NBA unveils artwork for its 75th anniversary



We have been enjoying it since the start of last season. The league management has decided to celebrate its 75th anniversary with dignity, through various events and actions including players and fans. Always in the desire to pamper its community in Europe, the NBA has proposed to various European artists to create works related to basketball and their country. France is no exception to the rule, and these are four portraits of French players who have embodied the dream of US basketball that were made by Anaïs Hoard. Does the name sound familiar to you? There is a reason.

A list of the 75 greatest players of all time. A ceremony full of emotions to celebrate the greatest players to have walked on its floors. The NBA has done it big to water this milestone important that is his 75th birthday. Even though the 2021-22 season is over, the party is not over. International fans will indeed have something to feast on visually with artistic creations on the theme of the Great League. These achievements were made by artists from European countries. For Europe, five designers have been selected: Anaïs Hoard (France), Reuben Dangoor (United Kingdom), Charis Tsevis (Greece), Piskv (Italy) and Maria Emergé (Spain). It was this Tuesday that the works produced by the Frenchwoman were unveiled, representing the faces of four players who had – or had – a remarkable career in the NBA. Here they are.

Does the name of Anaïs Hoard ring a bell? It is indeed the sister of Jaylen Hoard, a young French player who notably played for the Blazers and the Thunder. The course of the sis is also marked by the orange ball. A resident of INSEP, she will have participated in the victorious epics of the France U16 team. European champion in 2017, vice world champion in 2018. In the process, direction the United States and the University of Wake Forest. The project is twofold for Anaïs: perfecting her basketball at the highest level and bringing her passion for art to life. Yes, because what we haven’t said yet is that Jaylen’s sista is a fan of artistic creation. Both now having a equal share in her life according to her, it seemed logical that the NBA would call on her to represent France in this promotion operation. As you will have seen, she handles charcoal as well as the orange ball. The portraits are strikingly realistic. Besides, why these choices of faces in particular? Let him explain.

“I grew up in the era of Tony Parker, for me it was inevitable. Tony had to be on the show. Same Rudy. Evan’s journey too. Nicolas Batum was a mentor for Jaylen. It was cool for me to value it. They gave us the keys to achieve our dreams”

– Anais Hoard

This is the objective of this series of creations: to link art and NBA basketball. For the one who made herself known thanks to a portrait of Chris Paul, this link is made around the term dream precisely. These four portraits are the incarnation of very different paths, but all having the same arrival: the culmination of a childhood dream, namely that of playing in the NBA. The objective of these portraits? Send a message to the many young people who dream of practicing the noble sport in the United States. Don’t give up, work hard, believe in it all the way… and the doors will open.

Four portraits, four successes. This series of creations stamped NBA opened today with the works of Anaïs Hoard. A crossroads of passions for art and basketball, it is certain that they will appeal to the people who are represented on them.

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