NBA: The 5 biggest fights in history (videos)

NBA: The 5 biggest fights in history (videos)




NBA: The 5 biggest fights in history (videos)

Published on October 10, 2022 at 12:35 p.m.

A few days after Draymond Green’s total crush on Jordan Poole, the NBA only talks about this case, or almost. But since its creation, the American league has known more than one fight. A look back at some conflicts that have marked the history of the NBA.

Already spectacular on the courts with the proposed game and the stars that compose it, the NBA also has its share of drama. In more than 75 years of existence, there have been some frictions, some of which necessarily attract attention. Especially in 2004. During a match between the Detroit Pistons and the Indiana Pacers, a classic clash between two players will lead to chaos. After the insults, a general fight will be triggered, it will even end in the stands where some spectators got involved. david sternthe boss of the NBA at that time, will heavily punish the culprits since Ron Artest was suspended for the rest of the season, 70 games.

Shaq and Barkley, friendship after the war

In 1999, the confusion between Shaquille O’Neal and Charles Barkley starts with a stroller and a ball sent in the face of the first by the second. Behind, everything degenerates and the two men come to blows. ” He doesn’t know how to fight. I kicked him in his big belly because I couldn’t reach his big head. So I punched him in the belly, it made him duck, and I put him on the ground », will let go barley. Since then, the two men have been reconciled.

The “clothesline hit”

In 1984, if the fight was quickly stopped, the origin of the conflict marked. During the Finals NBA between the Lakers and the Celtics, Kevin McHale stop Kurt Rambis with a “tap of the clothesline”. Even if everyone was impressed by this very dangerous gesture, the referee only inflicted a small fault on him.

Maximum tension between Joël Embiid and KAT

More recently, Joël Embiid and Karl Anthony Towns also came to blows. In 2019, the tension rises and the two giants want to do battle. The situation escalates until they are separated by their teammates. Since then, every confrontation between Embiid and K.A.T. is eagerly awaited. This season, the All Star des timber wolves can count on Rudy Gobert.

Draymond Green’s Crack

Finally, the latest fight has already made a lot of noise. In a leaked training video, Draymond Green is seen delivering a huge punch to Jordan Poole. ” It’s something I regret. And there are not many things that I regret in my life. I failed as a leader, I failed as a man “, regrets the quadruple champion NBA after his actions.

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