NBA snubs Australia, says Andrew Bogut

NBA snubs Australia, says Andrew Bogut



At the opening of the 2021/22 season, in addition to the United States, theAustralia was the second most represented country in the league (7 players), tied with France and Germany, far behind Canada (18 players).

This year, two additional Australians have even been drafted in the NBA: Dyson Daniels (8th, Pelicans) and Luke Travers (56th, Cavaliers). Joining their compatriots Ben Simmons, Kyrie Irving (born in Melbourne…), Patty Mills, Josh Giddey, Joe Ingles, Josh Green and Jock Landale.

However, despite this beautiful colony of “Aussies” players present in America, Andrew Bogut does not think there will be an NBA game anytime soon, while Dyson Daniels is already starting to push for it to happen.

I hope that happens, but I think Dyson Daniels will be in the same position I’ve been in for years, wondering why they don’t even think of us “, Estimates the first choice of the 2005 Draft, now retired.

Thirteen countries visited, but not Australia

Fans of basketball, the Australian people have never had the chance to see regular season or pre-season games land on their territory. Unlike Asian countries (China, Japan, Philippines, Taipei), European countries (Germany, Spain, France, Great Britain, Italy) and American countries (Bahamas, Brazil, Mexico, Porto Rico).

The NBA looks at Australia saying, ‘It’s a small country in the western world, developed and from which we already make money, because [les Australiens] spend a lot on our products adds Andrew Bogut. ” Why would we send teams there to invest, when we could send them to the Philippines, China or Africa, in countries that have a lot more inhabitants and do not spend as much money [qu’en Australie] ? This is what I have essentially been told by people in the industry, whom I trust. »

And the former pivot of the Warriors, Bucks, Lakers, Mavericks and Cavaliers to then give his opinion on when the NBA will finally export to Australia.

If I had to bet, I would rather bet around 2030 “Judge Andrew Bogut, before repeating himself. ” The NBA is going to bet everything on India, China and the Philippines first, those kinds of countries, because Australians are already spending money [sur elle]. »

More than 50,000 spectators to see Team USA!

Even if the eyes of the NBA currently seem to be turned towards Europe and especially Asia, Australia would have no trouble selling the product to its inhabitants.

We thus remember that, when Team USA traveled to Melbourne in 2019 to play two exhibition matches against the “Boomers”, it was precisely 51,218 and 52,079 people who gathered in Marvel Stadium.

The games against the United States sounded a bit like: ‘Here, it’s time to shut up, we brought NBA players to Australian soil’ “, However, regrets Andrew Bogut, with bitterness. ” And since this happened only a few years ago, I highly doubt that an NBA game will take place in Australia in the next two years, minimum. Late 2020s, maybe. But it won’t be the Lakers, Warriors, Celtics or Knicks. Maybe Dyson Daniels’ Pelicans and Josh Giddey’s Thunder. Although I think we are still far from it. »

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