L'arrière français Hugo Besson, sélectionné en 58ème position de la dernière Draft NBA, retrouvera la prodige tricolore Victor Wembanyama sur la saison à venir

NBA / Betclic ÉLITE – Hugo Besson joins forces with Victor Wembanyama!



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Freshly drafted by the Bucks, Hugo Besson had little chance of joining Milwaukee’s final roster this season. Aware of this fact, he had to find a new playground, and will team up in the coming months with… Victor Wembanyama!

He who was already dreaming of the NBA when he played under the colors of Saint-Quentin, in Pro B, only two years ago, undoubtedly felt the greatest joy of his life on June 23. After an excellent season on the side of New Zealand, Hugo Besson heard his name called in 58th and last position of the last Draft. Recovered by the Bucks, his American dream will ultimately prove to be short-lived.

Hardly this crazy evening spent, the young French fullback suffered a terrible cold shower. Faced with stiff competition in the backcourt of Milwaukee, he was logically invited to find a new base for the coming season. So that’s what he’s been trying to do for the past few weeks, not without difficulty, before finding the shoe that suits him a few hours ago.

Hugo Besson joins the Mets and Victor Wembanyama

Like other prospects selected so late, Besson could have considered a G-League future with the Bucks’ affiliate team, the Wisconsin Herd. Instead, he’ll play in Europe next year as a draft-and-stash player. Not in Spain, where he had an interesting touchbut in France, and more precisely in Boulogne-Levallois, as the Ile-de-France club has just revealed in a press release!

Hugo Besson is a Metropolitans 92 player. Selected in 58th position of the last NBA draft by the Milwaukee Bucks, the young fullback (21 years old) comes out of a convincing season in Australia with the New Zealand Breakers with 14 points, 4 rebounds and 2.3 assists on average in the 25 games played. Above all, Hugo has shown constant progress throughout the season.

With the Metropolitans, Besson will certainly have a good card to play to perfect his development. Following the departures of David Michineau, Will Cummings, Lahaou Konaté or even Keith Hornsby, the backcourt seems to be clear to allow him to scratch a significant playing time. There, he will also find two other French hopefuls, namely Armel Traoré, but above all… Victor Wembanyama!

Flagship rookie of the Mets, the tricolor prodigy will have the opportunity to form a formidable duo with Besson. Their new team is not mistaken, and is already salivating at the idea of ​​seeing the two men associated on the floor of the Palais des Sports Marcel-Cerdan:

His association with Victor Wembanyama promises a lot for the next season of Betclic Elite during which the Metropolitans 92 will have a young and talented backbone team.

While waiting to return perhaps next year to the NBA, Hugo Besson will seek to continue his progression in the ranks of Boulogne-Levallois. A goal that he will share with his new flagship teammate, Victor Wembanyama!

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